Being a Frequent Business Traveller is nothing to be ashamed of! Technically you’re being paid to eat and travel all around the world, can it really get any better than that?

Here are a few signs that will help you determine if you’re considered a Frequent Business Traveller:


1. You’re a pro at packing

Catching a flight at 7am tomorrow morning and haven’t packed yet? Most people would be stressing, but you… you’ll start packing around midnight since it’ll only take about 10 minutes.


2. You could fit all your items in a carry on if you needed to

No checked bag? No worries! Pull out that personal item, we all know you’ll manage to fit all of your belongings in there!


3. You haven’t had a home-cooked meal in months

A home cooked meal sure sounds good, but then again… you haven’t had to do any dishes in a while, right? It’s a win/win situation.


4. You stock up on hotel soap and shampoo 

Let’s be honest, you’ve got enough soap and shampoo to last you the next few months!


5. You refer to every city by it’s airport code 

“Departing from YQG, arriving in YYZ”


6. You feel the most excited when there are no travel delays

The best part of your day is arriving at the airport, looking up at that screen and seeing that your flight is ON TIME!


7. Your friends and family go to you for travel tips

Let’s be honest, you know all the tips and tricks when it comes to travelling on a timeline! Everyone knows to go to you when booking their next flight, hotel or dinner reservation!


8. You forget what it feels like to sleep in your own bed

Sleeping in hotel beds sure gets old. Let the countdown begin until you can sleep in your own bed again!


9. Your Instagram feed is filled with restaurants you’ve visited 

Scrolling through your Instagram feed just makes you hungry, food picture after food picture (don’t worry, our feeds look the same!)


10. The first thing you do when arriving in a new city is open your Sirved App! 

New city, new location to search for food! Luckily, with Sirved you won’t ever be lost when looking for somewhere to grab a quick bite wherever you’re travelling!