Some restaurants are perfect for a romantic date night with their white tablecloths and candles. But when you have kids, sometimes you prefer a little noise and some kid-friendly entree options (mac n cheese or chicken fingers anyone?) Fortunately, if you’re located in or around British Columbia, Canada (or are planning to visit), there are plenty of kid-friendly restaurant choices. If you’re having trouble deciding which one to pick, take a look below at a list of our top five family-friendly eating establishments in BC. No matter which one you choose to check out, you can’t go wrong – kids and parents alike will have a great time.

  1. Rosario’s Restaurant, Kitimat, British Columbia

If you’re in search of a comfortable, open-layout eatery that serves delicious comfort food, Rosario’s Restaurant in Kitimat, BC might just be the perfect place for you. More than anything, reviewers simply rave about the quality and taste of the food. Favorites include the chicken fettuccine alfredo, steak, cajun shrimp, fish and chips, and sticky toffee cake, among others. Diners also praise the generous portion sizes, how hot the food is when it’s served, and the great selection of local brews. Moreover, they are highly impressed by the friendliness of the staff, speed of the service, and relaxing atmosphere. Rosario’s really seems to have it all, including excellent food, amazing staff, quick service, and a family-friendly setting to boot – what more is there to want?

Check out Rosario’s Restaurant’s menu in Kitimat, British Columbia here.

chicken fettuccine alfredo

2. Checkers Pizza, Terrace, British Columbia

When it’s pizza night, it’s pizza night, and no other food will do. Checkers Pizza in Terrace, BC will definitely satisfy your family’s pizza cravings – especially if taco pizza sounds appealing! Loaded with chicken or beef, onions, salsa, sour cream, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese, the beloved taco pizza also has a soft and crispy crust (yum!) Customers appreciate that Checkers does things differently than other pizzerias, offering lots of unique toppings and unusual pie types like the chicken n’ garlic, Canadian, pickled chicken, Mexican, and perogy pizzas, among many others. So if you and your kids are feeling adventurous and in the mood to experience the “best pizza in Canada,” per multiple reviewers, then drive on over to Checkers and see how you like that taco pizza!

Explore Checkers Pizza’s menu in Terrace, British Columbia here.

  1. Indian Curry House, Houston, British Columbia

Craving some Indian food? Then you and your family should definitely try Indian Curry House in fly fishing mecca Houston, BC. A welcome addition to the town that has several Chinese places but no other Indian restaurants, Indian Curry is highly regarded for its fresh, hot food and excellent service. People love its traditional Indian dishes, rice, and naan, in particular, and appreciate that the eatery will tailor your food’s spice level to your personal preference. In addition, the restaurant conveniently offers a children’s menu filled with North American and Canadian options in case your kids aren’t familiar with Indian food yet. Clean, well-run, and inviting, Indian Curry House is a wonderful choice for you and your family if you are fans of Indian fare. I know I am and can’t wait to give their chicken or vegetable samosas a try the next time I’m in Houston!

View Indian Curry House’s menu in Houston, British Columbia here.

Indian food

  1. Bob’s on the Rocks, Prince Rupert, British Columbia

If your kids love fish and chips, then Bob’s on the Rocks in Prince Rupert, BC is going to hit the spot with them. People call them “outstanding” and “the best,” saying that the fish (either cod or halibut – your choice) is thick and fresh, the batter is thin and crispy, the fries perfectly seasoned, and the portions HUGE. And if your kids don’t love fish, there are always chicken wings, tenders, or poutine (regular or spicy), as well as other options. Enjoy the outside view as you eat; if you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some bald eagles flying around or you can hike as you wait for your food. Plus, the prices are very reasonable and the waitstaff is nice. So if your family likes delicious food in a beautiful, casual outdoor setting, make sure to add Bob’s on the Rocks to your list of restaurants to visit.

Find Bob’s on the Rocks’ menu in Prince Rupert, British Columbia here.

5. Kathleen’s Grill, Terrace, British Columbia

If they ask if you want gravy at Kathleen’s Grill in Terrace, BC, make sure you say yes! Apparently, everything tastes great with the gravy because it’s the best. Not only that but Kathleen’s serves a mean Monte Cristo sandwich with a twist – chicken instead of the regular turkey. Serving up diner-style breakfast options and burgers, the eatery will ensure you feel welcomed and comfortable while enjoying a “hearty warm meal” with your kids, no matter what you order. The staff is super friendly and sometimes you’ll even catch the chefs singing in the kitchen. Without a doubt, your family will enjoy the cozy atmosphere, homestyle food, and thick milkshakes (sometimes Kathleen herself makes them!) that this family-friendly restaurant has to offer. Get going; I’ll meet you there!

Find Kathleen’s Grill’s menu in Terrace, British Columbia here.