The province of New Brunswick is known for its salmon-filled rivers, untouched forests, and beautiful beaches. But what about when it comes to food? Well, lobster, but neither the locals nor tourists can subsist on lobster alone. Sometimes you just want to sink your teeth into a nice, juicy burger, right? And you can! Folks in New Brunswick have their pick of multiple burger joints. We’ve outlined some of the best ones below.

  1. The Tipsy Canoe, Boiestown, New Brunswick

“Best burger around and delicious, crispy fries,” proclaims one avid fan of The Tipsy Canoe in Boiestown. This is definitely one place you can visit in New Brunswick when that hankering for a burger appears. And if you do, you’ll have several different options to pick from, including the Tipsy burger (8 ounces of pure, homemade goodness) and the Regular burger (just 5 ounces of meat if you’re not quite as hungry). If you’re not feeling beef, you can also choose a burger made from chicken, salmon, or fish instead. And all of those burgers are accompanied by “yummy” fries, of course. So go give The Tipsy Canoe a visit – you might just run into the family that drives their snowmobiles four hours (each way!) for a Tipsy burger; wow!

Check out The Tipsy Canoe’s menu in Boiestown, New Brunswick here.

Tipsy burger

  1. Pump House – Brewpub and Restaurant, Moncton, New Brunswick

If you prefer your burger with a cold beer (maybe even a blueberry brew??) and a few slices of stone-fired pizza, then consider dropping by Pump House – Brewpub and Restaurant the next time you’re in Moncton. The waitstaff is friendly and happy to accommodate requests, and there’s a huge covered patio outside if you like outdoor seating. The pub atmosphere at the restaurant both indoors and outdoors is “wonderful,” and there’s a nice selection of menu items outside of burgers and pizza that are also available (items like Caesar salad, eggplant parmesan, baked brie, nachos, brisket, and more). Pump House – Brewpub and Restaurant is a great place to meet up with friends and enjoy a night out – don’t miss it!

Find Pump House – Brewpub & Restaurant’s menu in Moncton, New Brunswick here.

  1. Homestead Restaurant, Riverview, New Brunswick

If homestyle cooking strikes your fancy, then, trust us, Homestead Restaurant in Riverview will be right up your alley. This is the type of place where you can get some “good downhome cooking.” Everything on the menu tastes authentic and real from the hot hamburger sandwiches smothered in gravy to the all-day country breakfast options and the sweet desserts (“they’re absolutely unreal”).

Some other customer favorites include the pumpkin pie, turkey (“absolutely wonderful”), turnip/carrot side dish (“I’m obsessed”), sausage, and breakfast potatoes. Homestead offers a cottage-like setting, and if you’re lucky, you’ll even get a seat with a view of the river. Patrons absolutely rave about the servers too, saying that they are kind, fast, and polite. “The food was only surpassed by the level of service,” says one reviewer (wow!) Honestly, this is the kind of burger and breakfast joint you should visit when you’re not in the mood to cook but still want a homecooked meal. Sound appealing? (It does to me!) Give it a try; you won’t regret it!

View Homestead Restaurant’s menu in Riverview, New Brunswick here.

Homestead restaurant

  1. McGill’s, Saint John, New Brunswick

McGill’s in Saint John stands out for a few reasons. One is its amazing location. Eat at McGill’s and you’ll have the best seat possible for any entertainment that’s taking place on the Market Square Stage. Second, the owner, Corey, is very much loved by the locals. He’s kind (even putting a water bowl out if you have your thirsty dog with you), “always on the ball,” and “super friendly.” And then there’s the food (burgers!) and beer. Oh, and the atmosphere too, which is lively and fun but also relaxed and comfortable. Want to watch the game with your pals? Try McGill’s! Want to throw a big birthday bash? Try McGill’s. Want to drink a beer and chow down on a juicy burger while listening to live music? Again, McGill’s, McGill’s, McGill’s all the way.

Explore McGill’s menu in Saint John, New Brunswick here.

  1. Isaac’s Way, Fredericton, New Brunswick

If you’d like to eat a burger in a more upscale environment, Isaac’s Way in Fredericton will likely suit you. Located in a historic building in the downtown area, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful artwork (available for purchase) as you enjoy delicious North American cuisine in a cozy, warm atmosphere. There’s also an outside patio, and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Outside of a burger, you’d likely enjoy one of Isaac’s other more exotic and varied menu choices like the vegetarian Wellington, Philly sandwiches, ribs, jambalaya, Seaforth chowder, lobster rolls, salmon, Cajun seafood pasta, and cod. All the ingredients in the dishes are locally sourced, and the prices are affordable. All in all, Isaac’s Way provides a nice, tasteful way to enjoy a hamburger so definitely give it a go the next time you’re in Fredericton.

Find Isaac’s Way’s menu in Fredericton, New Brunswick here.