Back in the day, dining in Toronto was a very different experience. Going out to eat was a luxury for some people and it wasn’t something you would do on a regular basis.  Most places were classy and vibrant and also had something unique that made you want to come back for more.  Unfortunately, most of those places aren’t around anymore, but if your looking to experience the old days, in a new way, check out 5 of Toronto’s oldest restaurants that still exist today!


The Senator 1929, 89 years old

If you’re looking for the “best egg sandwich and coffee” in town, the Senator is the place to go! It was converted from a house to the Busy Bee Diner in 1929, the “B” consisted of an open kitchen and counter, and became a local destination for traditional meals and coffee to go. In 1948, Owner George Nicolau renovated and expanded the Busy Bee and renamed it the Senator. Surprisingly enough, the Senator remains today in its original style and fixtures that date back from 1948. Full menu.


Tom Jones Steakhouse 1966, 49 years old

If you’re like us, you love a good fillet mignon steak, and roast prime rib, which are served up daily at Tom Jones Steakhouse. Having been in business since 1966, the award-winning steakhouse is the perfect place for dinner or a simple way to treat yourself to a delicious meal. The New York style piano bar, dining room and a wood-burning fireplace help create the perfect atmosphere for dining in one of Toronto’s oldest steakhouses. Full menu.


Avenue Diner 1944, 74 years old

Avenue Diner may have something to do with coining the word ‘classic’ with its old school charm and delicious menu. This classic diner is located at the Northwest corner of Ave and Dav. The menu hasn’t changed since it opened in 1944, you can’t get much more ‘classic’ than that. Full menu.


Vesuvio’s Pizzeria & Spaghetti House, 1955, 62 years old

You know we had to add a pizzeria! Vesuvio’s Pizzeria has been open since 1955! A family run business that’s famous for their New York style pizza, Vesuvio has become the experts of pizza making. At one point in time, there were eight locations open, however, the owners left one open because they could not operate at their level of quality without one of the brothers present. Full menu.


La Castille 1968, 49 years old

Just shy of being open for 50 years, La Castille has earned their reputation from serving classic dishes that leave you wanting more. Next time you take a trip to Toronto make sure to check this gem out. From the flaming pots on the walls, to the large chandeliers and stained-glass window, La Castille is guaranteed to take your breath away. Full menu.