While a lot of us are well versed in Italian and Chinese food because of their popularity and prevalence (especially in the United States), we might not be as confident when it comes to French fare. Although french fries and french toast might immediately come to mind, believe it or not, neither of them actually come from France. But you might be surprised by how many french foods you already enjoy, perhaps unknowingly, like croissants, baguettes, steak frites, escargot, crème brûlée, truffles, macarons, and French wines and cheeses, to name just a few.

Canadians, perhaps, are in general more accustomed to French cuisine given that the country is home to many people of French descent. In fact, if you’re looking to eat some exceptional french food, Nova Scotia in Canada is a great place to visit. So if Nova Scotia is on your travel itinerary (or if you live there), continue reading to learn about five of its best french bistros, and then go check them out. You won’t regret it!

1. Le Caveau, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

If you like a classy atmosphere and food with an international flair, family-owned and operated Le Caveau of Grand Pre will be right up your alley. A smaller, more intimate establishment, patrons love that the restaurant offers terrace seating. They also praise the eatery’s charcuterie and cheese boards, oysters in hot sauce, pork chops, chowder, seafood rigatoni, and pasta with black squid ink. In their words, the Ceasar salad is a “tower of love” and the service is “stellar.” The wine Le Caveau serves is from their very own winery, and they source many of their ingredients from local purveyors. So if you’re searching for a great date night restaurant with a warm ambiance and delicious french fare, you won’t go wrong choosing Le Caveau.

Find Le Caveau’s menu in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia here.

2. BlackRock Bistro, Parrsboro, Nova Scotia  

One of the best things about BlackRock Bistro in Parrsboro is that the chef is willing to adjust your meal according to any dietary restrictions you have. For those of us who need to eat gluten-free, it’s really refreshing to see a variety of gluten-free options on the menu, have the food cooked the way we need, and for it to be so flavorful as well! The waitstaff at BlackRock is reputed to be very helpful and friendly, and the restaurant prides itself on offering a relaxing atmosphere in a magnificent location (it’s in the oldest building on Main Street). So if you’re in the mood for a tasty cocktail or glass of Nova Scotia wine along with some amazing P.E.I mussels or lamb stew, drop by BlackRock tonight. (Don’t forget to make a reservation!)

Check out BlackRock Bistro’s menu in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia here.

3. Agricola Street Brasserie, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Agricola Street Brasserie in Halifax is the place to go if you’re looking for an upscale eatery that blends European flavors in a cozy and warm atmosphere. Customers are enamored with the quality and freshness of the food that is made from local ingredients. Favorites include the steak frites, mushroom pasta, steak tartare, charcuterie boards, and carrot cake. Agricola has a rooftop patio that is open during warmer weather, and patrons rave about the big selection of spirits and the diversity of items on the menu. Don’t miss out on this truly inspired culinary adventure!

View Agricola Street Brasserie’s menu in Halifax, Nova Scotia here.

4. Two If By Sea Cafe, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia  

Have you ever had a “deadly good, monster” croissant before? How about a super-sized scone? If not (or if so and you love them), be sure to visit Two If By Sea Cafe in Dartmouth, a bright and busy cafe with a cool neighborhood vibe that is known for its outstanding baked goods and excellent lattes. Patrons are especially fond of the cheese and scallion scones and the chocolate-filled, prosciutto and provolone, and donair croissants, describing them as “crunchy, buttery, flaky, salty, and sweet” and massive in size. Be sure to get there early as the demand is high and sometimes the cafe sells out of its top pastries. Run, don’t walk, to Two If By Sea Cafe!

Explore Two If By Sea Cafe’s menu in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia here.

5. Rose & Rooster Cafe, Head of Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia  

Another breakfast/brunch restaurant to consider visiting in Nova Scotia is Rose & Rooster Cafe. Offering an interesting blend of French and Canadian cuisines made from local ingredients, the bistro charms its customers with its diverse menu (even including gluten-free and vegan options), cozy atmosphere, and water view from its back deck. Rose & Rooster attracts an eclectic mix of people from artists to cyclists to surfers who enjoy the coffee/espresso, tasty sweets, quick service, friendly staff, and bread that “melts in your mouth.” One lazy weekend morning, be sure to come by Rose & Rooster to enjoy a leisurely brunch overlooking the water.

Find Rose & Rooster Cafe’s menu in Head of Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia here.