No matter where we travel to in the world finding a delicious risotto or a perfect pizza pie will always hit the spot. But for foodies, there is a distinct difference between real authentic Italian and knock-off restaurants. That’s why we are letting you in on the Italian scene with the top Italian restaurants in British Columbia.

1)  Italian Kitchen, Vancouver, British Columbia

With over 3300 reviews and a 4.1-star rating, Italian Kitchen takes the cake (or should we say pasta) for the top Italian in British Columbia. Situated in Vancouver, Italian Kitchen draws people in for the classics like Carbonara sprinkled with pecorino romano black ground pepper.

But what makes travellers and locals all around the world come back is some of their more innovative dishes like Truffle Spaghetti and Meatballs spread in herbed ricotta. And while the food is top-notch, a restaurant is only as good as their service. Keeping traditional white table cloths and old charm feel, Italian Kitchen has a family-style and inviting atmosphere. Find Italian Kitchens menu in Vancouver, British Columbia here.

2)  Il Terrazo, Victoria, British Columbia

If you are in the mood for a romantic ambiance with great food then there is no greater place than IL Terrazo in Victoria, BC. Lined with brick fireplaces in an old town courtyard it’s hard to tell whether you are in Victoria or Italy. But the ambiance is the second best thing here. Their Fusilli con SUGO di MANZO is a top-rated dish for its slow-baked bolognese that’s spread in baked mozzarella and fresh basil.

But what is dinner without good wine? It’s hard for any restaurant to compete with the wine at Il Terrazo as they have had their own wine program for the past 26 years educating their staff and servicing over 1000 selections from 15 different countries. Premium wine is taken to the next level here. Italian Kitchen, Vancouver, British Columbia

3)  Pizzeria Prima Strada, Victoria, British Columbia

You know a restaurant is worth the visit when they have three different locations within Victoria. With a focus on wood-fired Neapolitan pizza and homemade served gelato, this is the perfect place for a date night or a family night out. Meat lovers will have a super appreciation for their Carne Pizza.

While this casual eatery offers drinks, wine, and coffee, you don’t necessarily need to eat there to enjoy their food. Take out from all three locations available which means you can enjoy authentic pizza from the comforts of your home. View Pizzeria Prima Strada’s menu in Victoria, British Columbia here.

Hint: Try the Margherita. Sometimes the classics are the best.

4)  Piva Modern Italian, New Westminster, British Columbia

Piva Modern Italian in New Westminister is a must-visit for all meals. While their lunch and dinner menu is outstanding, we are here to talk about brunch. Frittatas anyone? Here at Piva Modern Italian, you can get a beautiful Smoked Salmon Frittata to start your Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!

But that’s not all they serve. From Avocado Toast to Breakfast Risotto there are so many options. If you are feeling a little sweet then the Pannetone French Toast is a must-try. Creamy ricotta never lets anyone down.

For those of you close by who aren’t breakfast foodies, not to worry. Their lunch and dinner selection rates are high in British Columbia for top Italian eats. Find Piva Modern Italian’s menu in New Westminster, British Columbia here.

5)  CinCin Restaurant and Bar, Vancouver, British Columbia

Coming full circle back to Vancouver CinCin is one of the highest-rated restaurants in Vancouver let alone one of the best Italian. If you are planning to come to eat at this cozy restaurant take your time choosing one of their season-inspired meals by Chef Andrew Richardson.

With classics like Tagliatelle al Ragu, you get a 6-hour simmering Bolognese with veal, pork, pancetta, and parmesan you can’t go wrong. But pasta is not the only meal that is worth getting. Their wood-fired grill produces fresh proteins like an Alberta Lamb Rack cooked over fire.

And while the food is amazing, no matter how full you get you need to leave room for dessert. Try the Warm Blueberry Crostada if you are in the mood for fruity flavours. Not so much, that’s OK because the Vanilla Panna Cotta certainly makes the cut. Explore CinCin Restaurant and Bars menu in Vancouver, British Columbia here.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Just from reading along, you may get the feeling that these Italian restaurants are authentic. The language of the menu alone is enough to get anyone in the door but the food lives up to its reputation. Whether you are strictly a pizza pie lover and are gunning for Pizzeria Prima Strada or fine dining with wines is your thing, you are sure to not be disappointed with any of these choices.

These are the absolute top Italian restaurants in British Columbia and are all worth a visit. With great service, amazing food, and an atmosphere to boot, you and your loved ones are sure to have a great time.