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Iron Chef of Napa

Morimoto in Napa, California You have most likely heard the name Chef Morimoto if you have ever watched the cooking network. Chef Morimoto is an iron chef, (known […]

Jan 14,2022
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Chinese food

5 Places to Score Some Great Chinese Food in Illinois

If you’re like a lot of other Americans (and their neighbors to the north), you and your family probably order Chinese takeout at least once a month, if […]

Jan 11,2022
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Top Burger Places in Quebec

Everyone thinks that the best burgers in the world are American. That’s because they likely haven’t taken a trip to Quebec! Whether you are visiting Montreal, Quebec City, […]

Jan 07,2022


Carousel of the Nations

Carousel of Nations 2018 – Event Recap

AND… THAT’S A WRAP!   Each year we are fortunate to celebrate Windsor’s cultural diversity and multi-ethnic foods during the Multicultural Council of Windsor and Essex County’s annual […]

Jun 29,2018