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A Bite of Austin Texas: BBQ Joints and Tex-Mex Treasures in Austin

Known for its vibrant music scene, Austin, Texas is probably already on your bucket list if you’re a live music lover. But that’s not the only reason you […]

Aug 28,2023
Choice Restaurants

Foodie Adventures in Montreal: A Gastronomic Journey Through Quebec’s Culinary Capital

Visitors are often attracted to Montreal in large part because of its eclectic and unique food scene. In fact, there are multiple iconic dishes that tourists would be […]

Jun 29,2023
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pub food

Good Vibes, Food and Beer: 5 Amazing Alaskan Pubs

Going out for a night on the town certainly doesn’t have to include fancy cocktails or an expensive dinner. Sometimes we’re all just in the mood for some […]

Apr 26,2023


Valentine's Day

Ready for Valentine’s Day? How Sirved Can Help

The big day is quickly approaching. What big day, you ask? Valentine’s Day, of course! You know, the one day of the year that’s filled with Hallmark cards, […]

Jan 16,2023

Holiday Hack! Book Your Table Right on the Sirved Site

The holiday season is upon us. For many, even while we enjoy it, this means added stress and worry. Will we manage to stick to our budget when […]

Dec 19,2022
girl in city

Hungry in a New City? Sirved Can Help You

Have you recently relocated to a new city or town? Maybe it’s your first year at an out-of-state college or you needed to move because of work. Whatever […]

Nov 21,2022

Kaizen and Sirved: How You Can Find Restaurants Faster

Think about the last time you went out to eat. Did it take you a while to decide where you wanted to go? After all, there are so […]

Oct 17,2022

Traveling with Sirved

There are a lot of reasons why people travel, some do it for the love of the scenery, some do it for the adventure, some do it for […]

Sep 12,2022

Learn more about Sirved and the restaurant industry by reading Sirved Blogs

Whether you’re a restauranteur, a food enthusiast, a Sirved user, or all of the above, there’s something for everyone on our blog. We’ve taken the time to build […]

Aug 08,2022

Plan your summer food destinations with Sirved favorites

Summer is a busy time for everyone, with so many places to go, people to see and sunshine to soak up.  No matter where you are or what […]

Jul 11,2022

A picture says a thousand words

Even if someone explains something in great detail, it never really does it the same justice as when you see the picture. A picture brings something to life […]

Jun 06,2022

Navigating Sirved with Map View

There are so many ways to use Sirved to your advantage that sometimes you might miss one of the most obvious ways to find a restaurant near you. […]

May 09,2022
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