The Chicago Restaurant Menu App That Could Change Where You Eat.


Carl Sanberg opened his celebratory 1914 poem about Chicago by calling the city the “Hog butcher for the world”.  Chicago was at the railhead for all the cattle and pigs coming in from the agricultural mid-west.  Slaughter houses and packing plants did their job and the meat was shipped off to the big cities of the eastern seaboard.

Chicago’s come a long way since those days of cowboys and rustlers and is now a financial and culinary driving force for the region.  One guidebook has a section on Chicago called “From Trading Post to Global City”.   Chicago restaurants and the wide range of available food in Chicago reflect that dramatic transformation. Places to eat in Chicago have gone well beyond the hot dogs and deep dish pizza that were once at the top of the list when people thought of food in Chicago.  Now the choices of Chicago restaurants are endless and you’re left wondering how am I going to select a good restaurant that serves just the food items we’re after?

The dynamic team as Sirved has solved that problem for you.  We’ve created the best restaurant menu app available in the marketplace.  We allow you to find just the right kind of restaurant you’re after in a matter of seconds.  With our unique, new, powerful app you can find all the nearby food and the eateries that serve it in that famous city by Lake Michigan in no time at all.

So when you need to find just the right Chicago restaurant, with just the right kind of food for yourself, or friends, or family or for the ball team, download our app and we’ll help you find it in no time at all.

We’ve only been around for a few years but in that time we’ve be able to list over 250,000 restaurant menus and developed a customer base that relies on us to find them just perfect pasta dish or steak or souvlaki or an  all you can eat or vegan establishment.  It’s all there on our app…free for the asking. Join our community of contented customers.  We’ll be glad to ‘sirve’ you and you’ll be glad you made the connection.

Sirved Helps You find the Best Places to Eat in Chicago

We’ve all been there before.  You have a food craving and you know just what’s it’s going to take to stop the screaming.  You need the right restaurant and just the right menu item and that gnawing feeling will go away.  So hop to it.  Download the free Sirved app and you’ve taken the first step towards solving your problem.

You’ll be surprised at how fast and easy is to find the restaurant that’s going meet your needs when you jump into the Sirved app and give it a try.  By making a few quick and easy selections you’ll be left with a list of the Chicago restaurants that are going to meet your needs. Three steps and you’re done!

One. Type in the name of the town or city you’re in.  Chicago in this case.  Immediately all the places to eat in Chicago will pop up for your perusal.  But in a city like Chicago that’s a lot of restaurants so you want to refine your search. You’ll want to make certain a restaurant is nearby?  Just set the easy to use mileage graph and you control the range our app will cover in terms of the restaurants it selects.

Two.  Your next option is to select the type of cuisine you want.  Albanian, Mediterranean, Austrian, Polish, Turkish, Vietnamese, American, Ethiopian…all right you get the picture.  We offer the choice of over 50 regional cuisines. That’s pretty comprehensive don’t you think?  Don’t want to select by cuisine?  Prefer to name the exact dish you’re after.  Type in pizza or steak or salads or pho in the appropriate address bar on our app and the team at Sirved will only offer restaurants that feature that menu item.

Three. Perhaps you have some special dietary restrictions or interests when you’re looking for food in Chicago.  In that case you can select vegan, or vegetarian, or kosher, organic or gluten free.  It’s all there for the asking.  Why bother scouring a large number of Chicago restaurant menus if they don’t offer just the type of food you’re after.  Sirved takes the ‘hit and miss’ approach out of selecting a restaurant.  We know you’ll like that.

Four.  And once you’ve reviewed your options and made a choice, our restaurant app will even tell you how to get there or to order your meal for take out in many cases. Get yourself and your friends to that restaurant you’ve been yearning for and have a fine evening. Bon appetit!Your dining pleasure will make the folks at Sirved exceedingly happy.  

Put your Restaurant Menus on the Sirved Restaurant App Free of Charge

The hard working team at Sirved is not just in the business of helping you find restaurants that you might not find on your own.  We like to think we’re creating a community of people who like to eat well, who like to find some of the best food in Chicago.  So we list restaurant menus for free.  If you own a Chicago restaurant think of the team at Sirved as offering a free marketing program.  We want to give our customers as many options as we can.  By listing more and more restaurant menus, we offer more options for our customers.  That way we build trust and add to our excellent reputation as the best restaurant menu app around.

For a reasonable fee our restaurant owners can purchase data on restaurant trends. We can show you what’s hot and what’s not on your menu and help you change items to improve your bottom line.  So, get on board.  Get in touch with the experienced restaurant team at Sirved.  We’ll be happy to introduce you to a whole new customer base.  We’re as close as 1.844.747.8331 or  We’ll be waiting to hear from you.