Every day the regulations for restaurants change depending on where you live in North America. In Ontario, Canada, restaurants are being asked to collect the contact information of everyone who enters their restaurant so that if an outbreak happens they can notify the customers who may have potentially been exposed.  As you can imagine this process seems like a lot of extra work for restaurants and customers.

That’s why Sirved has added a new feature to our Contactless menu options. Now when someone scans a QR code to view a restaurant menu, restaurants can ask customers to provide their contact information for COVID-19 alerting.  All they have to do is tap the contact alert at the bottom of the screen and enter in their information.  Once entered, Sirved will log the information and if a COVID-19 alert appears in the area and a restaurant is asked to provide their customer’s history, they can email Sirved and we will promptly send the information to the restaurant. This way there’s no need for a restaurant to keep records and files, written on easily lost papers, Sirved will securely store the information that will be easily available upon request.

Keeping up with COVID-19 government regulations can be hard, let us help by making it easy and stress-free.  Sign up for our free contactless menu options with new COVID-19 contact tracing built-in. That way restaurants and customers can focus on what matters, enjoying the best experience they can while staying safe and healthy.