Sirved: The Best Restaurant Menu App for Detroit Restaurants


Selecting a restaurant in a town or city that you’re not familiar with can be a challenging task.  If you’re like most people, you don’t want to commit to a new Detroit restaurant on a whim or with limited information when you’re looking for that special meal with friends and find you’ve made a bad choice.  That’s where Sirved comes in to save the day and help you select that special eatery.

The creative and hard-working team at Sirved has been offering the best restaurant menu app on the market for several years now. In that time we’ve listed over 300,000 menus reflecting nearby food choices available to you in many towns and cities across North America.  This includes many Detroit restaurants.  Selecting just the right restaurant in this major metropolis can be a daunting task.  The Detroit Experience Factory which caters to visitors to The Motor City suggests there are at least 313 places to eat in Detroit’s downtown alone!  So, add in the suburbs with its mall restaurants and other eateries in the region, and you have to admit, selecting a place for good food in Detroit could be one tough job.

Sirved Identifies the Best Detroit Restaurants For Your Specific Interests.

You’ll love the fact that Sirved, the best restaurant app around, is available free of charge on both iPhone and Android platforms. So, download it and have a look. We know you’ll find our restaurant menu app fast and user friendly.  It’s the best way to locate just that special restaurant and food in Detroit to meet your specific craving or cater to your dietary or nutritional needs.

With Sirved, identifying the Detroit restaurants that meet your immediate needs is as easy as one…two…three.  Fire up our app and enter your location.  Detroit in this case. Quicker than you can imagine, our powerful app will load all the restaurants available to you for interesting food in Detroit.

One, select the type of cuisine you’re interested in.  We offer more than 50 categories of the world’s cuisines including Albanian, Moroccan, Mediterranean, Australian, Pakistani, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish…you get the idea.  There’s lots to choose from. We can pretty much handle any whim or food fancy you might have when it comes to nearby food in Detroit.

Two, here you can refine your selection again.  Is it a breakfast or lunch menu you’re after?  Just click the appropriate box.  You can also select kids’ menu, or seniors’ menu or drinks menu or an all you can eat menu. The options are presented in a clear and readable fashion.  Just find your interest and select it.

And three?  You now have the option to click on one more detail that lets you refine your selection even more. Let’s suppose you have some dietary needs.  In your third refining selection you can choose gluten free, vegan, Kosher, organic or vegetarian. Sirved will list only those restaurants that cater to your needs.

Sirved: Unique. Fast. Accurate. Powerful.

You can be quite specific in terms of the kind of food you want to eat. And the unique and powerful Sirved app tell you where to find it. AND how to get there.  You’ll have all the Detroit restaurants at your fingertips, literally.  Yes, we know that there are other food or restaurant apps about, but not one of them can match Sirved for speed, accuracy and detail for listing all the places to eat in Detroit. And right across the country. Our motto? One app.  All the restaurants.  All the menus.  Sirved will put the sense of discovery back into selecting a restaurant for that special occasion or that special meal.

We’re in the business of creating community.  A community of people who want to have a clear choice in what they eat and the atmosphere around them.  We’re not just for foodies.  The folks who use our app are interested in food as nourishment.  Food as a gathering point for family or friends or a team.  So join 1000s of others in the Sirved community who know what they want to eat and are willing to take a second or two to find it on the best restaurant app in the business.  Go to and we’ll help you find the most interesting Detroit restaurants around.

Calling all Detroit Restauranteurs!

If you own a Detroit restaurant, or in fact any restaurant in the country, and find that you aren’t listed on Sirved, get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to hear from you. We’re as close as info@sirved.comor 1.844.747.8331.

The restaurant business can be tough.  You face competition from the major restaurant chains with their powerful marketing promotions.  You have to deal with rising costs of ingredients and labor. Success in the restaurant business is a combination of good food, great service, a sound business plan, a solid reputation in the marketplace and getting customers through your doors.

Sirved can find some of those customers that might not normally make their way to your establishment.  Sign up with us for free.  We’ll list your menus along with all the other eateries featuring food in Detroit. We’ll give you great exposure to potential customers who are looking for a good meal in town.  And for a reasonable sum, if you want diagnostics around the trends in restaurant food these days, we provide you with that information as well. At Sirved, we’re here to serve you and the restaurant public at large.  Remember. Sirved.  One app.  All the restaurants.  All the menus.