Squeeze Inn, Napa, California

You know when you see a burger in a cartoon and the cheese is just dripping off? It is unreal and no burger can ever compare. Squeeze Inn takes this idea to the next level. When your burger (or veggie burger) comes to the table it looks like Saturn with its rings. However, in this case, they are not made of gas and rocks but, rather, cheese. 

Squeeze Inn is a no-frills hamburger joint in the middle of Napa Valley. There are thousands of toothpicks stuck into the ceiling, which might look a bit peculiar, and you can even throw one up there yourself. They have been around for years and continue to make the same burgers in the same exciting and unique style. They do have other items on the menu but you come for the burger with the ring of cheese. 

You have most likely never seen something like this before. It is made by using a hot flat top grill, with a unique cover made in-house. They cover the burger patty with salty shredded cheddar cheese and some oil, then they let it fry up. If you have ever had crackers made from parmesan it is a similar look and taste.

They actually refer to the ring of cheese as a cheese “skirt” and you order it as the “Squeezeburger with cheese”. Although it only comes with the standard toppings such as onion, pickle, tomato, mayo, mustard, and lettuce, it is pretty spectacular. 

Some might wonder though…how do you eat the cheese? You can just bite into it, but most tear it off and eat it separately or add it back into the burger. However, you can also eat it along with your fries or another side that you decide to order. The possibilities are endless, but you can never go wrong with fried cheese.

Sirved’s choice of other options to try:

  • Breaded chicken sandwich: If you are not feeling a beef burger or a veggie burger, then this is definitely an option. Sure, it’s not the signature dish, but they can probably add the ring cheese if you ask them to. 
  • Grilled cheese sandwich: Good option for vegetarians who are not in the mood for a burger-type meal.
  • Fries: You can never go wrong with a side of salty fries, especially when you have the cheese skirt to enjoy it with. At Squeeze Inn the fries come in both a size small and large.
  • Corn dog: Unlike a standard corn dog made with either beef or pork, the Squeeze Inn dog is made with chicken, which I found particularly interesting (since I do not eat red meat).
  • Sunday Happy Hour!: All day on Sunday (11:30 am – 8 pm) they offer $2 bottled beers and $3 pints of draft beer. Not a bad deal!

I particularly appreciate that Squeeze Inn has vegetarian and non-red meat options, so if you are not in the mood for a classic hamburger you can find something else. Whether you are going for the classic “cheese skirt” (or as I like to call it… “cheese ring”), or going for their incredible happy hour, you can’t go wrong with the price point and the quality of the food found at Squeeze Inn. 

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