Thai food is unique in that it attempts to harmoniously blend the tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and spicy rather than highlighting just one of them. It frequently incorporates numerous fresh herbs and spices like garlic, lemongrass, cilantro, pepper, galangal (aka Thai ginger), and chilies. Herbs are used to offset strong spices, while sugars and acids like lemon and lime frequently temper saltiness.

Whether you’re new to Thai fare or grew up eating it, the restaurants listed below are must-visits in either case because of their outstanding food, service, and ambiance. So if you’re planning a visit to Ontario sometime soon or if you call it home, be sure to check out the following Thai eateries. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

  1. Thai Kitchen Restaurant, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Known for its welcoming vibe and beautiful decor, Thai Kitchen Restaurant in Thunder Bay is the place to go if you’re looking for a nice night out. Diners love that it offers a wide variety of menu selections, including plenty of vegan and vegetarian options. (They’ll even tailor meals to accommodate any food allergies.) Prices are reasonable and portions are large. Most of all, though, diners enjoy the freshness, flavor, and quality of the food. Favorites include the spring rolls (“Don’t skip on them if you know what’s good for you!”), market pad thai (“the flavor of tamarind shines through”), ginger stir fry, green curry, fried rice, and honeydew bubble tea. If you’re in search of great Thai food, look no further than Thai Kitchen Restaurant!

Check out Thai Kitchen Restaurant’s menu in Thunder Bay, Ontario here.

Thai food

  1. SukhoTHAI, Toronto, Ontario

SukhoTHAI in Toronto serves up authentic Thai food that its loyal take-out and dine-in customers simply adore. The list of dishes that people love to order goes on and on: tom kha gai (“super delicious”), cashew chicken and garlic shrimp (“gave me the vibe of Bangladeshi-style Chinese food”), “tasty” shrimp rolls, fresh rolls (“mango adds a nice, refreshing twist”), beef pad thai (“out of this world”), red curry with jasmine rice, stir-fried garlic beef, khao soi, “wicked” green curry, “refreshing” mango salad, and so on. The adoration extends to drinks as well, particularly SukhoTHAI’s mojitos, red sangrias, and Thai iced teas. Beyond the exceptionally good food and drinks, the restaurant has a great atmosphere and friendly staff too. Numerous people have remarked that SukhoTHAI is their favorite Thai restaurant – I’m personally excited to see if it becomes one of my favorites too!

Find SukhoTHAI’s menu in Toronto, Ontario here.

  1. Pii Nong Thai, East York, Ontario

Some restaurants pay attention to all the small details, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to Pii Nong Thai of East York. Not only is its food flavorful and delicious, but its presentation is always perfectly on point too. Even when you’re not dining in person, you can expect your takeout order to look (and taste) amazing. For those who aren’t experts in Thai fare, Pii Nong also makes things easy for the novice by including pictures in their menu and training their servers to gladly explain the dishes. The eatery’s service and ambiance are top-notch, and patrons absolutely love the taste of the food. Some of the most-liked dishes include the papaya salad, calamari (“some of the best I’ve ever had”), beef salad, pad kee mao, mango sticky rice (“it’s so good and addictive”), and chicken satay. Make sure to drop by Pii Nong Thai and order the mango sticky rice to satisfy your appetite but also to see how beautiful they look shaped into roses (simply amazing – see the pic below!)

View Pii Nong Thai’s menu in East York, Ontario here.

mango sticky rice roses

  1. Viet Thai Kitchen, North York, Ontario

Piping hot pho. Fresh shrimp rolls. Spicy beef noodle soup. Just a few of the tasty menu items you can expect to eat at Viet Thai Kitchen in North York, which serves a unique blend of Vietmanese and Thai foods. Considered to be the “best in town” and a “hidden gem” by locals, this Thai eatery provides great value for the quantity of food you receive. The waitstaff are friendly, the service is quick, and the restaurant itself is clean. So if you’re ever in the mood for some freshly made pho, be sure to try Viet Thai Kitchen where “the food is so good it warms your soul!”

Explore Viet Thai Kitchen’s menu in North York, Ontario here.

  1. Chiang Rai Thai Kitchen and Bar, Markham, Ontario

Why should you pick Chiang Rai Thai Kitchen and Bar in Markham the next time you’re craving Thai? Delicious food, that’s why! Well, that and the pretty decor. And the stellar customer service. And the affordable prices, filling portions, and gorgeous food presentation! The list of reasons goes on and on. People like that they can customize their spice level and that the restaurant chefs use their own unique blend of spice and sauce. They also enjoy the “hip and cozy” ambiance of Chiang Rai. Definitely add this amazing Thai restaurant to your list of places to visit – you don’t want to miss out on this exceptional food experience!

Find Chiang Rai Thai Kitchen and Bar’s menu in Markham, Ontario here.

gorgeous Thai plating