“Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care”. Buddha

Taking care of your body doesn’t have to be so difficult and we certainly have restaurants such as Healthy Mama to thank.

Healthy Mama is a vegan, vegetarian and raw based bistro located in the heart of Tecumseh, Ontario. Their menu feautures handcrafted, seasonal dishes are made with mostly organic and non-gmo market-fresh ingredients. All of their current selections are also gluten-free!


Healthy Mama featured the Jackfruit Pulled Pork Sandwich a couple times for their Thursday Chef’s Special and due to popular demand, they decided to put it on their menu. Jackfruit is an immensely nutrient rich fruit native to South America and Eastern Asia. The sandwich is smothered in a home made BBQ sauce, fresh cabbage, onion and spinach. Not only does it taste amazing but you will think it’s the real thing!

Healthy Mama Vegan Restaurant


Looking for a coffee alternative? Healthy Mama makes Dandy Blend and Mushroom Chaga Cappuccinos. Dandy Blend is a herbal beverage infused with Dandelion root that is rich and full bodied like coffee but carries none of the harmful acidity that comes along with regular coffee. It is also highly nutritious being full of enzymes and nutrients. Mushroom Chaga is a superfood extracted from Mushroom Root. You can choose a choice infused with either Lion’s Mane (great for nervous system and brain cognition) or Cordyceps (Anti-Aging and Immune Function).

Healthy Mama Vegan Restaurant


Breakfast is a must at Healthy Mama. Take for example, the breakfast pizza which keeps things interesting and delicious. It features chickpea crust with assorted fruit topping and choco drizzle and your choice of either cashew butter or almond butter.


Healthy Mama has a large selection of pre-made food that you can pick up on the go! They also sell local products which are on display right when you walk in.

Want to learn more about the foods you eat? Healthy Mama hosts cooking classes and workshops with educational nutritionalists and naturopathic doctors.

Healthy Mama has a variety of lunch specials that change daily with a dinner menu that will be available in the spring/summer of 2018! Don’t like sitting inside? A patio is also available during the warmer months and we are so excited!