People everywhere are excited to return to restaurants. Now is your chance to not only get back all of your loyal customers but to also attract more customers than ever!

There’s many things that restaurants can do to attract more customers in the digital era. Here’s a few things that we think can help.

1. Improve your service
All restaurants have the ability to hit the reset button on any issue that they may have had in the past. As a restauranteur, it’s important to know that there’s always room to improve. Take a step back and analyze every aspect of your customer service to find out where the pain points are, then try to find new ways to improve upon them. You can try things like give your customers a simple questionnaire about their experience and use the results to fuel changes within your restaurant.

2. Use emails to your advantage
Emails are the best way to reach an authentic audience and to keep them informed. If you’re struggling to get a solid email list, you can ask your customers for their email address in exchange for a 5%, 10% or 15% discount on their bill. Once you have their email it’s as easy as sending them important information about what going on with your restaurant and telling them about any new updates, changes and specials you may have. Use catchy titles for your emails to get customers to open them. The ones who love your restaurant will open the emails, click on the links and will continue to drive sales and hopefully help you attract more customers through word of mouth.

3. Create a free ad through Sirved.
Sirved offers 100% free advertising for all restaurants that claim their listing on Sirved. We have millions of users looking for restaurants just like yours and you have the ability to catch their attention with a free Sirved Ad. It will no doubt attract customers that are looking for restaurants similar to yours. Just like your emails, you can offer specials and let people know what’s new and exciting but on a different platform. The best part is that it’s 100% free and you can make as many changes to it as you like, whenever you want. Click here to start your free ad with Sirved.

4. Design an easy to read menu
Here at Sirved, we know that a restaurant’s menu is everything! So it’s important to take the time to create a menu that is pleasing to the eye, simple to read and offers variety without being too overbearing. Yes, that sounds like a lot of things, but just remember to keep it simple and focus on the food that you know best and the rest will follow. Share your menu anywhere and everywhere you can, on Sirved, on Google, through all your social media outlets and anywhere else you think your customers will be looking. People love to window shop and love to look at menus to plan their next outing, give them something to read and they will come.

5. Entertain them
Entertainment and ambience are the cornerstones of any good restaurant experience. It may not seem to pay off right away, but establishing a good vibe at your restaurant that is consistent with your theme is a very important part of keeping your customers happy while they enjoy your food. If you do it right it will keep them coming back with new friends and make them want to tell others about how great their experience was. You can start with a good playlist of inviting upbeat music, and then maybe try out a local DJ, an acoustic singer or even a full band. If that all seems like too much, you can try adding a few TVs with programmed content to keep your customers entertained and happy.

Attracting more customers is not a one-stop-shop solution, it’s something that takes time and energy and something you have to work at.  So don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work right away, try to stay consistent and positive and the customers will surely follow.