Some folks are breakfast people, their ideal meal consisting of fluffy pancakes drizzled in maple syrup accompanied by crispy bacon. Others prefer dinner, dreaming of T-bone steaks and mashed potatoes. But some of us – a select few perhaps – hold lunchtime with its oil and vinegar-soaked, meat-stacked subs and gourmet paninis dear to our hearts instead. When we go to a diner we order off the lunch menu instead of eating breakfast like 90% of the other folks.

If this describes you, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will cover five of the best lunch places in Alberta so the next time you’re there, you’ll know right where to go when your lunch hunger hits a fever pitch.

  1. Alumni Sandwiches, Calgary, Alberta

Alumni Sandwiches’ claim to fame is its hot chicken sandwiches. The chicken is juicy, flavorful, and tender, the batter is well fried, and the seasoning is absolute perfection. You can even choose your level of spice (so many folks absolutely rave about the full spice option). Other favorites include the turkey brie sandwich, parmesan fries, beet salad, and many dips this sandwich joint has to offer (beef, french, aioli, and so on). Beyond all this deliciousness, customers just love the service, which is consistently quick and “genuinely friendly,” and the place’s “cool, little retro diner vibe.” So make sure to drop by Alumni Sandwiches the next time you’re on 17th Ave and take a nice big bite out of one of their amazing hot chicken sandwiches!

Check out Alumni Sandwiches’ menu in Calgary, Alberta here.

  1. Western Sandwich Company, Edmonton, Alberta

You know what’s a great combo (especially in the middle of a bitterly cold winter day in Alberta)? A hearty sandwich and a big bowl of hot soup. And that’s exactly what you’ll get at Western Sandwich Company in Edmonton. The soup is thick and known to be great for dipping, and there are a large variety of sandwiches to choose from (the pulled pork is especially flavorful and the grilled cheese gets high marks). Western also serves up delicious poutines (in big portions) that are light but savory. The servers are polite, and they quickly prepare the food so you don’t have to wait long.

Located within a farmer’s market, it can sometimes be hard to snag a seat (the place gets packed because of its exceptional food offerings), so if the weather is nice definitely consider sitting on the restaurant’s newly built outdoor patio. Maybe I’ll see you there as we both enjoy our soup and sandwich combos!

Find Western Sandwich Company’s menu in Edmonton, Alberta here.

  1. Fourteen 14 Food Company, Grand Prairie, Alberta

If you’re in search of a lunch place where you can bring the kids and enjoy some handcrafted sandwiches and unique sides, make sure to give Fourteen 14 Food Company in Grand Prairie a try sometime soon. With a no-frills, clean, and cozy atmosphere, this lunch eatery provides frequently changing specials and soups. In addition, its sandwiches are “unparalleled to anything” else, “hot, fresh, and crispy with noticeably high-quality toppings.” And get this – Fourteen’s loaded fries are “a punch in the mouth from a fist traveling out of flavor town.” (Wow! High praise!) If lunch is your favorite meal of the day like mine, you’re not going to want to miss out on all Fourteen 14 Food Company has to offer so get going… now!

View Fourteen 14 Food Company’s menu in Grand Prairie, Alberta here.

loaded fries and sandwich

  1. Round Table Board Gamerie, Lethbridge, Alberta

In the mood for something different? Then Round Table Board Gamerie in Lethbridge is right up your alley. Not only is it an excellent lunch restaurant with tasty food, but it also has a library of over 400 games that you can play while you’re eating. Pretty cool, right?! The staff will even take the time to teach you if you don’t know how to play a certain game. The drinks are fantastic (the Caesar is highly recommended), and the food is repeatedly described as “amazing” and like “gourmet bar food.” Feeling like playing some Cards of Humanity? Drive over to Round Table Board Gamerie and you’ll be having a great time before you know it!

Explore Round Table Board Gamerie’s menu in Lethbridge, Alberta here.

  1. Cronquist Tea House, Red Deer, Alberta

Located in a Victorian-style farmhouse that was built in 1911, the Cronquist Tea House in Red Deer serves up a variety of soups, sandwiches, salads, teas, and desserts. Not only that, but its setting is lovely with its charming decor and excellent view. But don’t forget about how delicious your lunch will be too if you visit Cronquist! Homemade iced tea, numerous sandwich options (tuna, BLT, chicken salad, ham, turkey, roast beef, and so on…), burgers, and desserts like cinnamon buns, chocolate cake, and rhubarb crisp (now that’s something different!) So when you’re feeling like a picturesque stroll after a luxurious and relaxing lunch, be sure to check out Cronquist Tea House – you won’t be disappointed.

Find Cronquist Tea House’s menu in Red Deer, Alberta here.