Summer is a busy time for everyone, with so many places to go, people to see and sunshine to soak up.  No matter where you are or what you’re doing, there’s a good chance you’re going to work up quite an appetite. Sirved is a great resource to find restaurants near you that offer a quick solution or a quiet getaway from all the hustle and bustle. You can search for restaurants near you if hunger strikes mid-tan or you can search for restaurants in the town or city you’re planning to visit throughout the summer.  If you’re summer is already all planned out and you plan to use Sirved then you might want to diver deeper into the Sirved favorites.

How To:
By logging into Sirved on your phone through our mobile website or through the Sirved app you can unlock the ability to favorite any restaurants that you like while you’re searching. This comes in really handy when you know where you’re going or where you plan to be over the holidays. You can easily find and favorite a great lunch spot while shopping or find and favorite a festive restaurant to take your friends and family. Here is how to do it:

Desktop/Mobile Web
In the top right of the website you’ll see 3 lines, click the lines and then create an account or log in. Once you’ve logged in, you are free to room Sirved in search of your fav restaurants. Once you find a restaurant that you’d like to favorite go to the left-hand sidebar with all the restaurant info and then simply click the heart or the word Favorite. The heart will fill in purple and that’s it! When you’re ready to review all your favs, just go back to the 3 lines in the top right and click My favorites. There you will see a list of all your favorite restaurants.

The app works a little differently. In the app look in the bottom right-hand corner for Profile, tap the icon and you’ll be brought to the profile page. From there you can log in with Apple, Facebook, Google, or your own email. Once you’ve completed your login, you will be brought back to your profile page where you can add your favorite foods and dietary needs which can help to dictate your search results. You can also just tap the discover icon in the bottom left corner and begin your search for the perfect holiday restaurants wherever you may be this holiday season. Once you’ve found a great restaurant you want to try just tap the heart in the top right-hand corner of the restaurant page and select “add new list”, name the list and that’s it, you’ve found a new fav. With the addition of the lists, you can make different lists for different destinations, if your summer travels are taking you to more than one place.

Features like Sirved favorites are just the beginning of the many ways we plan to help users personalize their Sirved searching experience.  Stay tuned as we continue to build for the future.