Sultan’s Kebab in Danville, California

It can be really difficult to find real Turkish food. Sure, you can grab some kebob or a tabouleh salad, but those are really only Mediterranean dishes. If you want to find good Turkish food in the bay area, then you have to go to Sultan’s Kebob. Even if you have never had Turkish food, this understated and casual dining establishment is super tasty.

Walk into the restaurant, and you are greeted by a counter to order at. The ceiling is covered in a Turkish mural, and Turkish music is blasting. Kind of like you are transported to Turkey…well, almost. Step up and order, then take a seat and wait for your food.

All of the dishes are written in English so it makes it easy to order. The two main types of meat dishes are made from either chicken or lamb, but if you are a vegetarian there are plenty of options, the main protein being falafel.

I highly recommend starting off with a few appetizers to share. When in doubt, try the mezze platter. This will give you a little taste of everything, including dolma (rice wrapped in grape leaves), cacik (Turkish version of tzatziki), falafel, babaganoush, hummus, and tabouleh. You most likely have tried some of these dishes at one point or another, but there is a Turkish spin on the dishes at Sultan’s Kebob. Lots of flavors, and the yogurt is very creamy!

Sirved must try:

  • Chicken or lamb shawarma plate: This is cooked on a spigot, and served with a side of buttery rice, and vegetables, as well as fries. You can also opt for a shawarma wrap, which is huge but very tasty!
  • Chicken or lamb Adana: This is another meat option, which is basically the same as the shawarma plate, but in a different form, as minced meat grilled on a skewer.
  • Falafel wrap or plate: If you are vegetarian or vegan, then the falafel (fried balls made from chickpeas) is a great choice. Even though I am not vegetarian I still like to order this sometimes or just get a side of falafel.
  • As mentioned, the mezze platter is a definite must-try. It is filled with different flavors and allows you to try one of everything.
  • Desert: The kunefe is to die for.

Finally, you have to order dessert and get kunefe. This is a dessert made from “kadaif” which is shredded wheat, made into thin dough. It is covered in sugar water, then cooked so it is sticky and heavy, and then filled with a mild cheese. It is incredibly delicious and it must be eaten if you are going to a true Turkish restaurant. If you want something a bit smaller, you can get baklava, which is similar to other Mediterranean cuisines. Finish it off with some true Turkish coffee, and you will be full enough to get home and fall asleep. 

Find Sultan’s Kebab’s menu in Danville, California here.