Are you one of the millions of people who are still looking for an all in one restaurant app that provides time-stamped menus (with prices), food photos, and non-biased reviews? If you are, don’t worry you’re not alone. Recently a thread from Reddit (found here r/Showerthoughts) reached 74.7 thousand upvotes and 865 comments, echoing the same concerns. People are often frustrated that there’s no single website/app for online restaurant discovery and a lot of them wanted to vent about it while looking for real solutions. They were searching for the holy grail of restaurant discovery apps, they were searching for Sirved. 

Within the Reddit thread (found here in r/Showerthoughts) we noticed there were SEVERAL unanswered questions when it came to restaurant discovery.  It actually got us really excited because we believe Sirved offers solutions to many of the problems people seemed to be having.

“Where can I find general restaurant information?”restaurant discovery

Nowadays, when looking for somewhere to eat, users tend to do their research first. Whether it’s a local restaurant or in a new location, users want to know as much about it as possible. For example, if prices aren’t listed on the menu, users will assume prices weren’t listed because it’s too expensive, or they’ll just pass on it because they can’t plan the meal according to their budget.  

On every Sirved restaurant listing, you’ll instantly be informed with the key information needed when deciding on where to eat. Everything you’ll need to know is right there for you. From the menu (with prices), cuisine type to an address with map view and hours.


“What can I expect the portion sizes to be like?”

restaurant discovery

Have you ever ordered something off a menu and it wasn’t what you were expecting? Sure, surprises can be nice but not when it comes to food (Hangry users can speak for this). There’s nothing worse than waiting for your food to arrive and being disappointed with the portion size or presentation. Sirved offers a collection of in-app food shots. These food shots are contributed from our hard-working team of menu analysts and our true MVP users.


“How will I know if the restaurant’s menu is up-to-date?”

restaurant discovery

Just when you thought you were prepared for a night out, knew exactly what you were going to order off the menu you saw online. You arrive at the restaurant and BOOM – panic mode kicks in. The menu isn’t the same one you found online and now you’re back to square one. The worst part is that you had your heart set on that one dish, so now what? 

Our team here at Sirved is excited to share a new in-app feature (coming soon!). This new feature will tell you when each restaurants menu was last updated, with a simple timestamp. So no matter what, you know how old the menu your viewing is, which makes things a lot easier.