Meet Enzo!


When you think of delicious Italian food… do you think of Enzo’s Trattoria? WE DO!

With over 20 years of experience, in the world of gastronomy, and a member of the Canadian Culinary Federation. Enzo’s passion and commitment to excellence is exemplified in every dish he presents.

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We were able to take some time to sit down with Enzo, and ask him a few fun questions! Here’s what he had to say:


1.Where did you learn to cook?

Answer: My grandmother and I ate A LOT


2.Who’s your biggest inspiration in cooking?

Answer: My Grandmother


3.What’s your favourite dish to cook in or out of the restaurant?

Answer: Anything seafood


4.What would your last meal be?

Answer: Mom’s pizza

5.If you were stuck on an desert island, what would be the one ingredient and cooking tool you would choose to have with you?

Answer: Pasta, and a lighter


6.What’s the meaning or significance behind the name of your restaurant?

Answer: My name

7.What’s your restaurants most popular dish?

Answer: Penne vodka


8.What’s the origin of your recipes and/or your cuisines influences?

Answer: My grandmother was a chef and I learned many skills from her

9.Give us a fun or interesting fact about your restaurant?

Answer: Restaurant caters to many large groups, of family & friends.