Sushi night is a big deal when it comes around. Whether you are dining out with friends or getting takeout with family, having top-quality sushi is a must. There is no shortage of good sushi in British Columbia. Having said that, the options become overwhelming which is why we are breaking down our top picks.

1) Toshi Sushi, Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is a hot spot for food in Canada but when it comes to sushi there is no other place to go to than Toshi Sushi. You may feel this small restaurant has no business competing with big names but the truth is their 4-star rating comes from customers loving their high-quality rolls. Thanks to affordable prices you may want to arrive a little early to avoid the line.

Just like the restaurant no need to overcomplicate the menu. You can find that any of their five sushi combinations is a must-try. Feeling spicy? Order the #1 which is Spicy Tuna Roll combined with Spicy Scallop Roll. Another fantastic option is the Assorted Sashimi giving you a little taste of everything. Discover Toshi Sushi’s menu in Vancouver, British Columbia here!

2) Nubo Japanese Tapas, Victoria, British Columbia

Nobody gives you sushi in British Columbia like Nubo Japanese Tapas. With more than 20 different options to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone. Even better their combinations are creative and offer unique takes like the Cowboy Roll. The Cowboy Foll features slived Angus beef,  yam tempura, asparagus, sesame oil, cucumber, sea salt, and avocado.

Feeling more traditional. No worries they have the classics like Spicy Tuna Roll and California Roll ready to be served. It’s no surprise that with just under 800 reviews they got a 4.4-star rating. Find Nubo Japanese Tapas Menu in Victoria, British Columbia here! 

3) Sushi Train LTD, Surrey, British Columbia

Sushi Train LTD is a hidden gem with a hefty fan base. This sushi spot in Surrey puts all their focus on their rolls rather than the atmosphere. So if it’s your first time don’t stress because this hole in the wall has more than 200 reviews and a nearly perfect rating. No matter what you are feeling there are a lot of options to go off of. Pair the Crunch Roll with Udon Noodles.

They even have a great selection of Nigiri Sushi offering 2 pcs for as low as 2.50. That way you can mix and match things like Red Snapper and Shrimp. The best part about Sushi Train LTD? They offer trays of sushi combinations that you can share with friends and family. Explore Sushi Train LTD’s menu in Surrey, British Columbia here. 

4) Sushi K Kamizato, Coquitlam, British Columbia

Sushi combinations at Sushi K Kamizato hit the spot which is why this restaurant hits number four on the list. Sushi K Kamizato in Coquitlam, British Columbia has a 4.4-rating from more than 200 reviews because of their perfect combos. The California Combo is something so simple yet satisfying with one piece of tuna, salmon, and Ebi, paired with eight pieces of California Roll.

And while this is a blog dedicated to rolls it’s worth noting that Sushi K Kamizato does offer something slightly different. You can get everything in the normal sushi but instead of it being a roll you can get it served as a meal mixed together. Hence the Rainbow Battera. This is rice mixed with assorted seafood so you get a little bit of everything. Find Sushi K Kamizato’s menu in Coquitlam, British Columbia here. 

5) Ki Sushi, New Westminister, British Columbia

Last but certainly not least for the best sushi in British Columbia is Ki Sushi in New Westminister. This may be one of our favourites because of the traditional options you can choose from. We are not just talking about rolls but instead your ability to order something like the Sushi Dinner Set. Take down, Salmon, Tuna, Prawn, California Roll 6-piece, Spicy Tuna Roll 6-piece, Prawn and Vegetable Tempura, Oyster Motoyaki, Miso Soup, and ice cream. Did you get all that?

If this is too big for your belly don’t stress because they have dozens of rolls to choose from. Whether you like Maki, Nigiri, or Sashimi, they have it all. It’s no surprise that they have been an award-winning restaurant since 1997, Explore Ki Sushi’s menu in New Westminister, British Columbia here. 

The Sushi Tour

There is an inexplicable feeling about eating good sushi. That’s why anytime you dedicate yourself to indulging in this cuisine you ought to be having the best there is to offer. And when it comes to having sushi in British Columbia there are a lot of choices. Whether it’s in your hometown or you’re travelling you now have the top sushi spots in the major cities.

And is there a better reason to travel than to hit up a sushi tour of your own? Give these places a try or come back multiple times because, with menus from places like Ki Sushi and Nubo Japanese Tapas, there is no shortage of options.