Here at Sirved we’ve been working hard to build tools that will help restaurants in as many ways as possible.  Our latest tool is our best yet.  Contactless Menus.

We’ve created this new free tool specifically to help restaurants and other food-serving businesses provide contactless menus to their guests. The digital menus are accessed via QR codes or shortened URLs that customers can utilize directly via their cell phones, helping diners and businesses adhere to social distancing and hygiene protocols.

Restaurants can access this free tool from our Sirved portal. We offer the choice of downloading the scannable QR code to add to your existing marketing materials or you can print out a set of 4 or 2. You can also choose 1 big QR code that can be put on the front window for customers who may want to browse your menu when walking by. We believe this service will help restaurants by giving them an easy way to change their menu anytime and have that menu instantly link to the same QR code without having to reprint it.

“At Sirved, our mission has always been to connect restaurants with customers through the latest technology, allowing those businesses to share information and menus, while also building trusted relationships with their customers,” said Jonathan Leslie, President and Co-Founder of Sirved. “And although the pandemic has fundamentally shifted the restaurant landscape, forcing everyone to rethink how they serve customers and deliver food, we’re here to help. Our service is a free and easy solution that provides customers with contactless menus. All they have to do is open their phone cameras, point it at the QR codes, and begin browsing mobile-friendly menus immediately – without ever touching a physical menu.”

In this current climate, we believe digital menus will soon be the new normal and we’re excited to offer this new tool to any restaurant looking to stay ahead of the hopefully “flattened” curve.

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