There are a million words for them: submarines, hoagies, heroes, grinders, po’ boys, torpedos. Whatever name you call them, chances are good you know exactly what we’re talking about: lots of meats and cheeses and other fixings all piled high on amazing bread. Mmm, so delicious. The ultimate sandwich. And if you’re a sub lover, you’re probably always on the lookout for a place that sells really good ones (because they’re obviously not all created the same!)

Well, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of some places in British Columbia where you can score amazing subs and sandwiches. So go ahead and sink your teeth right into our recommendations and have fun eating! (Please note that the list isn’t in any particular order.)

Embers BBQ House
Mission, British Columbia

When you hear the name Embers BBQ House you probably don’t think of a sub place, but, trust us, this restaurant’s Portuguese-style sandwiches are just as massive and tasty. Layered thick with meats, BBQ sauces, and other toppings (like onions, bacon, coleslaw, cheese, and more), this longstanding restaurant’s sandwiches have earned a serious reputation in the community.

“Best pulled pork around,” raves one diner, while another says “every time I walk out thinking, ‘wow, that was great.'” The portions are big, the poutine is excellent, and the service is fast and friendly. So the next time you’re in Mission, drop by Embers BBQ House for a sandwich experience like no other.

Check out Embers BBQ House’s menu in Mission, British Columbia here.

BBQ sandwich

Smokehouse Sandwich Co.
Richmond, British Columbia

With sandwiches named Goliath, Jethro, and Okoyami, you can tell right from the get-go that Smokehouse Sandwich Co. in Richmond has a cool vibe going on. And while its bread makes its offerings more “sandwiches” than “subs,” they are extremely sub-like given the number of meats, cheeses, and other fixings that fill them up – and hence, fill YOU up.

The eatery’s ingredients are very high quality and its meat juicy and “perfectly done.” Customers also love the fries (“quite crisp” and “distinct” due to their special seasoning), “mind-blowing” and super affordable summer drinks, delicious salads, and “phenomenal” service. Trust us, you’ll want to visit Smokehouse Sandwich Co. as soon as you can!

Find Smokehouse Sandwich Co.’s menu in Richmond, British Columbia here.

Big Star Sandwich Co.
Burnaby, British Columbia

“Huge subs with slow-cooked meat and the best ingredients.” Sound appealing? To me too! Big Star Sandwich Co. in Burnaby is known for its exceptionally filling, fresh, and flavorful sub sandwiches. Says another reviewer: “Super friendly, genuinely awesome folks making delicious, massive, always hearty sandwiches.” Wow. The servers are also said to be informative, accommodating, and always willing to make recommendations.

In addition to how incredible both the subs and staff are, Big Star provides a nicely decorated and clean area to eat. So if you’re looking to expand your sub horizons, definitely try the #27 at Big Star Sandwich Co. (its chipotle sauce gives it a nice, spicy flavor and crispy onions give it a crunchiness that “takes it to another level of awesomeness.”) Oh yeah!

View Big Star Sandwich Co.’s menu in Burnaby, British Columbia here.

sub and sauce

Columbia Street Sandwich Company
New Westminster, British Columbia

How does a soup and sandwich combo sound to you for lunch today? Columbia Street Sandwich Company in New Westminster serves up a huge variety of delicious sandwiches that customers adore. “10 out of 10,” says one. And if you’re hungry for a breakfast sandwich? Columbia Street has them too (locals simply rave about its ACE sandwich: avocado, fried egg, and cheese, mmm), in addition to lots of hearty soups and fresh salads.

The restaurant gives lots of bread options, so if you’re feeling more like a sub choose sourdough. If you’re feeling healthy, go with a wrap or multigrain. Columbia Street gets busy due to its popularity, but the servers are quick and the line always moves quickly. Plus, the owner, Sam, is accommodating and kind. What more can we say? The next time you’re craving a nice hearty sandwich for breakfast or lunch, make sure you visit Columbia Street Sandwich Company – you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Explore Columbia Street Sandwich Company’s menu in New Westminster, British Columbia here.

Roseland Restaurant
Abbotsford, British Columbia

In business for over 20 years, family-friendly Roseland Restaurant in Abbotsford never ceases to amaze its loyal customers. And while it offers a wide variety of food from omelets to burgers and steaks, Roseland’s extensive selection of sandwiches, wraps, and melts are perhaps the highlight of its menu. There are turkey clubhouses, grilled cheeses, steak sandwiches, monte cristos (turkey, ham, and swiss on French bread, dipped in egg and grilled to a golden brown), BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, and so many more deliciously decadent options that customers thoroughly enjoy. They also love the exceptional service, warm and inviting atmosphere, and affordable prices. So if you’re in the mood to eat a sandwich that tastes “just like mom made it” alongside “endless coffee and smiles,” Roseland Restaurant will definitely hit the spot.

Find Roseland Restaurant’s menu in Abbotsford, British Columbia here.