Have you ever tried Spanish food? Don’t confuse it with Mexican, which tends to be spicier and less filling. Common Spanish dishes (ones you’ve probably at the very least heard of even if you aren’t a Spanish food connoisseur) include tapas, seafood paella, chorizo sausage, and gazpacho soup. Often containing chicken, pork, and seafood, Spanish foods are hearty and will fill you up.

This post will introduce you to five highly-rated restaurants in Pennslyvania that serve delicious Spanish cuisine. So whether you’re wanting to try this type of food for the first time or you eat it all the time, now you’ll know where to go!

  1. Morcilla, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for a new favorite restaurant, Morcilla in Pittsburgh just might win you over so watch out! Customers say that the eatery has “some of the best food you will find anywhere” and that it’s “hands down some of the best food in Pittsburgh.” High praise, right? Just check out some of its exotic menu items, all exceptionally tasty and fresh: Laurel Hill Farm trout, oxtail montaditos (“sweet, melt in your mouth delicious,”) fried artichokes, oysters, scallops served cold with grape gazpacho and fried garlic, chicken liver Paté, duck confit (“cooked to perfection,”) grilled skate, and oyster mushrooms, to name just a few.

Morcilla also offers both a large wine list that includes plenty of Spanish wines/sherries and a nice selection of cocktails. The restaurant is small, intimate, and pleasing with a Spanish-style decor, and the servers are known to be attentive, courteous, and fun. So if you have a special occasion coming up, or even if you’re just looking for a good date night place, drop by Morcilla and enjoy “hot, sweet, fluffy” churros spread with homemade hazelnut for dessert (mmm!)

Check out Morcilla’s menu in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania here.


  1. Tapas On Main, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Sometimes it’s nice to get your hands on some authentic Spanish tapas, right? Well, you definitely can at Tapas on Main in historic downtown Bethlehem. Tapas are their specialty, and, boy, have they perfected the art of making and serving this amazing Spanish cuisine in addition to many other dishes. The restaurant is known to serve up amazing pork meatballs, lamb chops, paella, blue-cheese-stuffed and bacon-wrapped dates, and croquettes, and diners say that they “easily have one of the coolest menus in the valley and some of the best food.” The restaurant also offers one of the largest sangria selections in the area. So if tapas and sangria turn you on, make sure to put Tapas on Main on your list of things to do and visit it sometime soon!

Find Tapas On Main’s menu in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania here.

  1. Amorette, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Amorette in Lancaster simply exudes luxury, refinement, and class. Its menus include a blend of contemporary cuisines, including Spanish, that are expertly prepared and artistically presented by Michelin-trained chefs. And not only that, but this upscale eatery offers its diners an extensive wine list – and when we say extensive, we mean 700 different kinds of wine from all over the world. A popular restaurant for celebrating special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, the service is “spectacular.” Referred to as culinary ambassadors, the staff is known to be funny, attentive, and friendly. So if you’re in the mood to visit a restaurant that will really wow you, make sure to check out Amorette!

View Amorette’s menu in Lancaster, Pennsylvania here.


  1. Casa Del Mofongo, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

As soon as you walk through Casa Del Mofongo’s doors in Bethlehem, you are completely immersed in a traditional Spanish decor experience. Unlike the restaurants mentioned above, this one serves up Dominican fare, which is a blend of Spanish, African, Middle Eastern, and indigenous influences. The food is authentic, and customers all agree that they love it. Favorites include the churrasco, fried pork, mofongo with shrimp and lobster, creamy garlic mojo, pork crackling, and more. The portions are huge, and the food is served “blazing hot and fresh.” The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating, and it’s BYOB so don’t forget to bring along your favorite alcoholic beverage to accompany the delicious food you’re going to enjoy!

Explore Casa Del Mofongo’s menu in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania here.

  1. Adobo Latin Kitchen, Easton, Pennsylvania

Are you ready to eat “one of the best meals you’ve ever had?” Then definitely give Adobo Latin Kitchen in Easton a try sometime soon. According to reviewers, this Latin/Spanish restaurant has “phenomenal” and “really fantastic” food that is “flavorful, full of texture, and amazing.” (The chicharrones and fried pork belly are “absolutely addictive.”) In addition, the waiters are reputed to be professional and charming, while the restaurant itself is clean and welcoming. Run, don’t walk, to Adobo Latin Kitchen so you can see what all the fuss is about!

Find Adobo Latin Kitchen’s menu in Easton, Pennsylvania here.