It’s officially Valentine’s Day! To celebrate, we have searched for the perfect places to eat based on your mood!

The I Just Want to Chill at Home and Watch Netflix Mood

Here is where we insert pizza! You don’t have to wonder about what to eat if you’re just in the mood to stay in with your love. Pizza is the perfect food to order in and enjoy a movie or three on Netflix! Also, if you haven’t already, check out our list of Top 10 Pizza Restaurants You Need to Try.

Mamma’s Pizza, Toronto, ON

Mamma’s Pizza produces now, as they did back then, pizza dough made daily on the premises, along with fresh homemade sauces. Mamma’s Pizza offers customers a choice of two styles of pizza. A traditional Mamma’s Pizza consists of toppings such as pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers, sliced tomatoes, olives, etc.

Anthony’s, Ottawa, ON

Anthony’s pizza will surely leave you satisfied with your decision to stay home for Valentine’s Day. Their menu features red pizzas (tomato sauce) and white pizzas which feature Alfredo sauce.

Campagnolo Roma Vancouver, BC

Campagnolo Roma serves classic antipasti, pastas and pizzas using local, fresh ingredients served in a casual atmosphere. They pride themselves on sourcing the highest quality ingredients and working directly with the farmers and purveyors.

The Feeling Fancy Mood

For those of you who were too busy to make reservations but still want to dress up and look your best, we have found several restaurants you can go to!

Fourteen Restaurant & Sky Lounge, Windsor, ON

Overlooking the Detroit River, live entertainment and incredible food, Fourteen Restaurant is a great place to be spend your evening at.

Alo Restaurant, Toronto, ON

French tasting menu served in stylish, serene surrounds atop a Victorian building. What else can you ask for?

Let’s Be Casual Mood

So you’ve just decided to be casual, that’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with going out for a casual dinner with the one you love.

Ace Burger, Halifax, NS

The perfect casual joint is Ace burger, you must try their handcrafted flatiron burgers.

Banh Mi Boys, Toronto, ON

Get your Asian food fix quick, fast and furious-style at this popular sandwich-focused shop with two locations in downtown Toronto. Naturally, there are the standard banh mi fillings like pork and chicken, but go out of the box and be pleasantly surprised with options like lemongrass tofu or an order of kimchi fries.

Mandy’s, Montreal, QC 

Mandy’s is the popular salad bar staple of Montreal, a complete juxtaposition to the formerly mentioned, with a long list of greens-packed, to-go dishes like the Waldorf or smoked meat salad with “slaw” dressing.

Let’s Be Intimate Mood

Want to go somewhere with some privacy? We have a few places in mind…

Edulis, Toronto, ON 

Incredible food that is made fresh to order, a fine dining experience like no other!

The Cook’s Shop, Windsor, ON

With their romantic fine dining environment, this restaurant offers an authentic Italian menu that is reasonably priced and provides the highest quality items available on the market.

Feeling Like Only Loving Yourself Mood

Don’t just sit at home and eat a glob of chocolate! Go out and have some fun! Call up a single friend and try something new!

Omai, Toronto, ON

You can try their tasting menu and plenty of options if you’re craving sushi on Valentine’s Day.

Bar Sybanne

This bar and restaurant is nestled in the heart of Toronto’s Ossington Village. Exploring the vibrant flavours and many cultures of the Mediterranean and Mid-East, Sybanne combines modern design, a passion for food and a love of hospitality to create an experience that is warm, lively and memorable. Perfect for someone who is ready to try new food!

Montgommery’s, Toronto, ON

Montgomery’s daily menu features Canadian dishes using vibrant local ingredients and traditional techniques. This restaurant is located in the heart of West Queen West, Toronto.

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