On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the cheesiest,  we can confidently rate all of these Canadian grilled cheese sandwiches a solid 10! ⭐️

L’Gros Luxe | Montreal, QB

L'Gros Luxe - Grilled Cheese

Top Pick: Grilled Cheese Club | Photo Credit: @lgroluxe

You can never go wrong with freshly baked bread layered with chicken, tomatoes, cheese, bacon and more cheese! View full menu here


Tuck Shop Kitchen | Toronto, ON

Tuck Shop Kitchen - Grilled Cheese

Top Pick: Pressed BBQ Turkey & Caramelized Onion | Photo Credit: @tuckshopkitchen

BBQ Turkey & Caramelized Onions… SAY NO MORE! View full menu here.


Toasty’s Grilled Cheese | Windsor, ON

Toasty's Grilled Cheese 

Top Pick: Munch Cheese | Photo Credit: @toastysgrilledcheese

There’s never too much cheese! Toasty’s felt like being BOLD, and added Jalapeño Cheetos to this Munch Cheese. View full menu here.


Millwood Melt | Toronto, ON

Millwood Melt - Grilled Cheese

Top Pick: The Green Machine | Photo Credit: @grasshoppereats

Go Green! ✅ Packed with herbed avocados, arugula greens, fresh kale, basil pesto and creamy Monterey Jack. You can’t ever go wrong with this one! View full menu here.


Meat & Bread | Vancouver, BC

Meat & Bread Grilled Cheese

Top Pick: Family Fave | Photo Credit: @meatandbread

This family favourite grilled cheese has mouth’s watering all over Vancouver, and we can understand why! View full menu here.