It’s Tuesday and suddenly you have a hankering for some tacos. It happens to all of us! If you live in or plan to visit the vast and culturally diverse state of California, then you’re in luck. California is home to over 74,000 Mexican restaurants — more than any state in the U.S. So whether you prefer authentic Mexican or a more Americanized version, you’re bound to find a Mexican restaurant on Sirved that perfectly suits your tastes.

Listed below are five restaurants that serve up the kind of Mexican food that’ll have you coming back for more. Continue reading to find out what makes these restaurants so noteworthy.

1. Café Rio Mexican Grill, Fresno, California

Café Rio’s claim to fame is its founder’s signature recipe: the sweet pork barbacoa. Slow-cooked, shredded, and marinated in seasonings, patrons can enjoy this savoury meat in burritos or even on salads. Other dishes include tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, nachos, and tostadas, among others, and reviewers rave about the freshness of the food. Although there are several Café Rios scattered throughout the U.S., the Fresno location is noted in particular for its great customer service, affordability, and exceptional food. This location has also been known to be accommodating to people who have allergies. If you’re ever in Fresno, be sure to check out Café Rio for some fast-casual Mexican. Find Cafe Rio Mexican Grills’ menu in Fresno, California here.

2. Sal’s Mexican Restaurant, Selma, California

Restaurants come and go, but Sal’s has been in business since 1942! Its flavorful traditional Mexican cuisine, coupled with its warm and comfortable atmosphere, turns most first-time visitors into return customers. For many, eating at Sal’s is a tradition that began when they were young and continues until today. The portions are generous, the salsa is freshly made, and the staff treats its customers like family. If you’re looking for a place to relax while devouring amazing Mexican food, look no further than Sal’s in Selma. Check out Sal’s Mexican Restaurants’ menu in Selma, California.

3. Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant, San Francisco, California

Known for its tequila bar, margaritas, and authentic Mexican and Yucatecan food, Tommy’s was founded in 1965 in the heart of San Francisco. According to its website, the restaurant has “the most extensive collection of 100% agave tequila out of Mexico” and prides itself on pouring the finest tequila on earth. Tommy’s regulars will attest to that and to the restaurant’s old-timer, rustic charm and laidback ambiance. They also say that the food is excellent and affordable. So if you’re in the mood to chat with the bartender with a cold cocktail in hand, stop by Tommy’s for your next Mexican meal. View Tommy’s Mexican Restaurants’ menu in San Francisco, California.

4. Molcajete Cocina Mexicana, Oakland, California

Located in Oakland, Molcajete serves the local community and tourists alike. Known for its delicious guacamole, spicy margaritas, and homemade corn tortillas, this restaurant is on the smaller side (a hidden gem) but offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Patrons enjoy friendly and attentive service alongside authentic and unique Mexican cuisine like gourmet burritos (your choice of chicken, steak, or carnitas), seafood nachos, tacos, ceviche, fajitas, sopes, and so much more. Don’t write off this restaurant before giving its fresh, tasty, colourful dishes a try! Explore Molcajete Cocina Mexicana’s menu in Oakland, California here.

5. Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill, Los Angeles, California

Founded in 1992, Sharky’s founder, Steve Paperno, wanted to serve Mexican food that was innovative, healthy, and organic. He was tired of processed restaurant fare, and he desired to “bring about change with food.” With around 30 locations nationwide, the Sharky’s in Los Angeles is known for its quality ingredients, a wide variety of menu options, and salsa bar. In addition, the restaurant offers vegetarian options. If you’re searching for healthy Mexican food with a twist, Sharky’s will be right up your alley. Find Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grills’ menu in Los Angeles here.