Everyone knows that New England is known for the freshest and most desirable seafood. In 2017, for the third time in history commercial harvested marine resources topped $600 million. That alone indicates the quality of seafood.

But you don’t need to know a fact like that when seafood menus all around the world label their lobster dishes as “Maine Lobster.” There’s no substitute however for going to the beautiful rocky coastline yourself and dunking fresh lobster tail in a butter sauce.

Don’t worry we are practically drooling with you. That’s why we are breaking down the top 5 seafood restaurants in Maine that offer our favourite fish, lobster, oysters, and more!

1)  Robert’s Maine Grill, Kittery, Maine

With just under a five-star review and over 2000 ratings, Robert’s Maine Grill in Kittery is a seafood gem. After you’re done shopping at all the outlets in Kittery, stop in at this traditional New England restaurant where you can indulge in fresh oysters while looking at classic paintings of Maine. Robert’s also offers wonderful views of Spinney Creek, a scenic oasis despite the touristy area.

Start by sharing their pan-seared Maine Crab Cakes that come with a lemon-basil aioli for dipping. While all their dishes are raved about, some of the top recommendations include their Lobster and Mussel Spaghetti with Fresno Chili Sauce and the classic New England Fish n’ Chips. Make sure to leave room for dessert because their Blueberry Cobbler is to die for.

If you’re looking for the most traditional experience for Maine Seafood, be sure to check out Robert’s Maine Grill in Kittery, Maine. View Robert’s Maine Grills restaurant menu in Kittery, Maine here.

2)  Boone’s Fish House and Oyster Room, Portland, Maine

Are you ready for breathtaking views? This waterfront dining experience is home to the original baked stuffed lobster. Let us say no more because you’re already sold! But we must say more because this restaurant has been a hot place to be since 1898. They have two outdoor decks where you can watch the boats in the harbor and have a big bowl of New England Clam Chowdah!

Because lobster is the prized possession you can choose from any of their wonderful Lobster dishes. From a traditional Nor’Easter Lobster Roll to Lobster Mac and Cheese they’ve got you covered. Looking for something a little lighter? You can add lobster or chicken to their salad selection. If you’re craving that picturesque moment, visit Boone’s Fish House and Oyster Room for the most breathtaking views and good eats. Check out Boone’s Fish House and Oyster Rooms menu in Portland, Maine here.

3)  Alisson’s Restaurant, Kennebunkport, Maine

Allison’s Restaurant is the quintessential New England family-owned restaurant that has been serving Kennebunkport, Maine for over 40 years. With a casual setting, you can choose from over 20 beers to pair with some of their pub fare. Don’t let this fool you because their Mussels drenched in a white-wine garlic sauce are on par with any high-end restaurant.

Their menu is extensive with something for everyone on it. From ultimate nachos to Petite Lobster Roll Trio you will be delightfully indulged in the best Maine seafood. If you wanted to try fried seafood this is the place for it as they have fried clams, fried clams strips, fried shrimp, and more! To see other menu offerings for Allison’s Restaurant in Kennebunkport, Maine click here!

4)  Linda Beans Maine Kitchen and Topside Tavern, Freeport, Maine

You can’t come to Maine and not experience Linda Beans Perfect Maine. While there are many restaurants to choose from (do try the lobster roll stand at the LL Beach Outlet) we are here to talk about their kitchen and Topside Tavern. Located across the street from the LL Beach Outlet (she is the granddaughter of the founder) is the Tavern which boasts a beautiful menu.

With an array of seafood stews and chowders and a huge selection of salads, you can’t go wrong. If you’re looking for something a little more hearty than you have to try their Lazy Lobster Bake or any of their traditional fried seafood platters. If shopping and dining is your thing then you can view Linda Beans Maine Kitchen and Topside Tavern’s menu in Freeport, Maine here.

5)  Clambake Seafood Restaurant, Scarborough, Maine

It wouldn’t be a top seafood list if we didn’t include the traditional clambake now, would it? That’s why this Clambake Seafood Restaurant makes the cut. It’s a simple menu but one with lots on it. Keep in mind the fisherman’s life was a working one which is why the most authentic places are down to earth.

Their fried combination dinner is a good route to go as it’s the traditional Maine way. You can pair haddock, clam cakes, clam strips, shrimp, and more with other seafood delights like scallops. If you are really into surf and turf kind then no worries because there are many options for combo dinner platters as well.

Take it all down with a classic cider or Ale. This is a no-frills but good class Maine seafood jam so if you are looking for the most authentic experience, head on over to Clambake. Check out Clambake Seafood Restaurants menu in Scarborough, Maine here.