Everyone thinks that the best burgers in the world are American. That’s because they likely haven’t taken a trip to Quebec! Whether you are visiting Montreal, Quebec City, or any of the other surrounding areas, there are tons of great places serving up some of the best burgers and fries.

Even better, some of these places have some killer milkshakes to make it a full experience.

1) Le Chic Shack, Quebec City, Quebec

Le Chic Shack resembles its name perfectly while serving carefully selected ingredient dishes from Lobster to Bison and salads, poutine, and milkshakes. Since opening up in 2012 they have become a household name in Quebec City because they offer it all. Because of the emphasis on fresh premium ingredients customers don’t feel as bad after having a delicious burger!

Placed beautifully in Old Quebec, Le Chic Shack attracts many customers. This is because of their notable Le Shack. This burger is a red-ale braised beef option with Cantonnier cheese, red pickled onion, tomato, horseradish aioli, and chic sauce.  Whether you’re jumping for joy or feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry there is something for everyone! They have three different poutines and three salads to choose from as well! Le Chic also offers classic milkshakes and homemade sodas! View Le Chick Shacks menu, Quebec City, Quebec here!

2) QDC Burger, Montreal, Quebec

Whether you are catching a flight out of Montreal International or you are hanging out in Saint-Viateur, QDC Burger is well worth the grab. It started out as a back-alley window attached to a famous steakhouse restaurant in 1998. Today, they have been dubbed the best artisan burger in Montreal. Their secret combination of USDA Prime and Canadian AAA beef has created some of their best options.

Their braised short rib burger may come at a hefty price ($29.99) but it’s worth every bite. It comes with sauteed oystered mushrooms, buttered braised leeks, garlic aioli chives, spicy salad, and a side of au jus. For those who want a beef alternative, they also service several chicken-style options, as well as fish, and even lobsters! Check out QDC Burger’s Menu in Montreal, Quebec here!

3) La Belle & La Boeuf – Burger Bar, Laval, Quebec

This burger joint screams aesthetics and fun whether we are looking at the drinks or the burgers themselves. The ultimate hangout spot mixes fun table games with delicious food. While some burgers are fine for one, others may need 2-3 people to get through them with multiple patties and everything in between!

For example, their Epic burger pictured below features four massive beef patties, tons of brie cheese, smoked bacon, fried KitKat (yup!) melted peanut butter with mushroom, and port sauce. If you do take on this burger by yourself and complete the mission, your name and photo go on their wall of fame and you get a bottle of Pepto to go! This restaurant does offer more classic editions as well as poutines, salads, grilled cheeses, and more! Discover La Belle & La Boeuf – Burger Bar’s menu in Laval, Quebenc here! 

4) L’Aubergiste Resto Bistro, Gatineau, Canada

It’s not often that a restaurant makes the list only offering one specialty burger. Having said that if there were an exception it would be for l’Aubergiste Resto Bistro which specializes in fine food serving Gatineau. With original flavors and fresh ingredients, this restaurant is worth the visit for their AAA Burger Aubsriste. While many will overlook this item for the Duck Confit, their burger is one of the best cooked in town.

It’s an AAA beef patty with old cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, crispy prosciutto, and a special aioli mayonnaise. The best part is that it is not only served up with delicious home fries but also a salad to add a little more vegetable to the entree. View LAubergiste Resto Bistro’s menu in Gantinea, Canada here!

5) OMG Resto, Sherbrooke, Canada

The name couldn’t be more fitting as most customers will react with an OMG to their burgers. And to be honest the rest of their menu too! At OMG Resto in Sherbrooke Canada With six different burger options and can be tough to know which direction to move in. For those who would rather skip the beef, they actually make a wonderful fish burger. This is a haddock patty with onions, special OMG sauce, line juice, dill, lettuce, and pickles.

But for those who came for the meat then you came to the right place. Their Gouda burger is a cheese lover’s dream featuring candied maple onions, bacon, smoked Gouda, smoked paprika mayonnaise, and lettuce. But be sure to leave room for their better la noir is a homemade brownie with salted caramel sauce and candied fruits. We are drooling! Check out OMG Resto’s menu in Sherbrooke, Canada here! 

All The Right Indulgences

While we would never stop anyone from going on a food tour we would say to space these places out just right. These burger spots have something unique in flavor and execution that being anything but starving when you walk in the door would be a crime. Whether you like something a little more simple or flavor-blasted option, each of the restaurants can serve you the right way.

Leaving full, happy, and wanting to come back for more!