Travelling to Montreal in the near future? Well, you’re in luck!

We’ve narrowed it down, and put together a weekend guide of eats & drinks in the city! Trust us when we say these spots will be your go-to’s when searching for all Montreal has to offer. 


Les Affamés | 4137 Rue Sainte-Catherine E


Photo Credit: @a.hearty.appetite

Starting off with the most important meal of the day, breakfast at Les Affamés is everything you’re imagining. Aside from breakfast in bed, this place is the next BEST way to enjoy breakfast. Freshly baked Montreal bagels, cheddar biscuits, and breakfast poutines (Yup, you read that right. Breakfast POUTINES!). View full menu here


Café Pavé | 243 Rue Notre-Dame O


Photo Credit: @pavecafe

Didn’t have enough to eat at breakfast? We can help with that! Hop on the city transit, over to Café Pavé for a brunch you WILL NOT regret. If you’re not in the mood for brunch, that’s ok too. Order one of their signature “naanwiches” (with polish sausage) for lunch. View full menu here.


Nora Gray | 1391 Rue Saint-Jacques


Photo Credit: @noragrayresto

We’re almost always craving Italian food, which leads us to Dinner at Nora Grays. Named No. 24 on Canada’s 100 Best List, right as you step foot into Nora Grays you’ll notice a modern, “at-home” feel in their dining room. Serving local Italian dishes, and natural wines sure make for a delightful dinner in the city – If you still aren’t sure, just ask the locals! View full menu here.


Bar Renard | 1272 St Catherine St E


Photo Credit: @bar.renard

Did someone say HAPPY HOUR? Located in Montreal’s Village, Bar Renard has you covered if you’re looking for a good time! Surrounded by fun and inviting vibes, they serve some of the best Biodynamic wines, Québec microbrews and cocktails in Montreal – needless to say they’ll make you feel right at home, like a true local.  View full menu here.