There are a lot of reasons why people travel, some do it for the love of the scenery, some do it for the adventure, some do it for work and others travel for food. No matter what reason you have for traveling, there’s one thing we all still need to do, eat. Exploring different food on trips can help to make a vacation or travel destination feel more full, not just for your belly but for a greater overall experience.

Not knowing what or where to eat can be the biggest challenge, and that’s where Sirved comes into play. It’s a great tool to have on you at all times when hunger strikes or if you’re looking to create a great experience that revolves around an interesting restaurant. With Sirved always at your fingertips, whether you’re using our app, or the mobile web you’ll have access to a long list of restaurants no matter where you go in North America.

Start off by using our location services to let Sirved find your location, or type in your location in the locations search bar. From there you’ll see a long list of restaurants organized closest to furthest away from your current location. Use our powerful search filters to refine your search. For example, maybe you want breakfast and you don’t know where good breakfast places are while on the road or at your destination, just filter by breakfast, and all the best breakfast places will show up in order of their proximity to you.  This obviously works for lunch, dinner, late-night drinks, bars, and more.  You can also use our discover tiles on the discover page of the app or on our home page of the mobile web to select the popular searches without typing in anything.

If you’re a more visual person, you can open up the map and view all the restaurants near you that way. You can zoom in or out to find more or fewer restaurants in your current location. You can also use the filters the same way in map view. The purple icons show all the restaurants and the green icon shows the restaurant that is being displayed at the top (Desktop) or the bottom on mobile web and the app.

Once you’ve found something you like you can check out the photos and menus as well as find contact information and hours. Sirved tries hard to keep all restaurant information up to date and also shows you when that restaurant’s info was last updated, but we always recommend looking further into a restaurant’s details, as some info might have changed during the pandemic.

If you’re looking for curated content and need some help deciding on a restaurant, try out Sirveds Top Restaurants Blog which explores restaurants and cuisines across North America. Our Top Restaurants blogs focus on one cuisine in a state or province, for example; Top Vegan Restaurants in Ontario, 5 Texas Steakhouses to check out, Top sandwich places in Alberta, etc. With over 70 blogs spanning all the way across North America, we’re hopeful that there is something for everyone. New blogs are being written all the time, so if we haven’t written about your spot yet, hopefully, our team of enthusiastic food writers will get there soon.

Regardless of why you travel, we all need to eat and need easy ways to find somewhere to do that. So next time you pack your bags make sure to bring Sirved along as the perfect travel companion to help you find your food, no matter where you go. Happy Travels!