Reviews for Lisu's Thai Taste | Cottage Grove in Cottage Grove, MN

Norpau Moua 1 year ago

Stear clear of this place please! Ants infestation, dirty tables and horrible service! One paper menu for the whole restaurant?... What? Save yourselves???????? Read more

Jason V 1 year ago

Knocked my review down from 5 to 3 stars. Your food is still awesome. But the employees you now have at this location make too... many mistakes. The last three times in a row when we've come to pick up food is either missing or wrong. I understand raisingprices is necessary in this economy. We as customers expect that with that increase in price at the very least you offer us thesame level of service as before... Not worse. Read more

Portia Vogt 2 years ago

The food was extremely tasty. It was a delightful surprise that the food was such high quality in a very low key location. We... eat Thai often, this food is top notch. Try it, you'll be delighted too. Husband had pad Thia, I had beef lettuce wrap and weshared the spring rolls. Exceeded our expectations. Read more

matthew scholl 2 years ago

I stopped here after spending all day moving. The food was fantastic and came out fast. Super fresh and tasted great. Just what... I needed after a day of hard work. Read more

Kong Yang 2 years ago

Food was nasty! Especially the chicken! Tasted like over due chicken or uncooked! Pho tasted like instant pho noodle packets.... Front desk lady seems to have an attitude… worst service and food yet by far! After eating the food my wife threw up rightafter leaving the restaurant! I’d say stay away. Read more

Wes Inaba 2 years ago

I love Thai food and have tasted all varieties from traditional to modern/fusion. This is definitely moreso on the traditional... side. Not anything special when you come in. Very unassuming. But the food is incredible - bursting with delicious flavours. We ordered over $100 in food and I would say all of the dishes were unbelievable with the exception of the pot stickers whichdon't seem to travel well for take out (they get dry and hard quickly). Thoroughly impressed and the next time I'm in the MSParea, this will be on my radar. Read more

Juice Box 2 years ago

Giving this a 1 because there was nothing less to give. We waited 45 mins for our food.... everything was absolutely disgusting!... The building inside is absolutely gross, dark and dirty. Too lazy to clean, replace toilet or paper towels, or even replaceburnt out lightbulbs. The bathroom was horrendous, feces on the door, grime and dirt all over, no effort to clean whatsoever.They even were too cheap to change the hand soap and just refilled it with water. Gross. The hallway to the bathrooms was adeath trap of boxes and storage. Quite honestly not sure how this place would ever pass a health inspection. The food was grossand the white rice was probably the only palatable thing we ate. We really regretted our decision of coming here for the 1sttime and will NEVER come back. Absolutely gross. Read more

Makayla Schmidlin 3 years ago

Omg. Their red coconut curry chicken is SO dang good! Honestly, had a couple other dishes and wasn't a fan. But the curry makes... up for it 100%. ???? Read more