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Bayview Inn Motel & Restaurant in Deseronto, ON, is a American restaurant with average rating of 4.6 stars. Curious? Here’s what other visitors have to say about Bayview Inn Motel & Restaurant. Worried you’ll miss out? Reserve your table by calling ahead on (613) 396-3390.

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Mackenzie H 4 years ago

Didn?t stay at the motel, but we did eat at the restaurant attached, Mutti?s Place, and it was so good! My mother-in-law got the... rosemary chicken and I got the Salisbury steak. It was all outstanding, and the gravy was delicious! Very friendly service, theowner/manager is wonderful. I wish we lived closer so we could eat there more often! Read more

Terri-Ann Vessey 5 years ago

Great prices, monthly rentals. Very quiet. Owners are great, very reasonable. Close to everything in small sleepy town.... Restaurant on side of building. Really enjoy living here! Read more

monique franciskovic 5 years ago

This is not a review per say it a answer to a review that was posted by the woman named Shelene W.. and no you did not stay here... for a visit you came to be a monthly resident and how soon you forget how i felt sorry for you and tried to help you out as muchas i can when you were so desperate for a place to stay...the reason why you were asked to leave was because you allowed youdog to roam around free all over the outside and allowed it to piss and defecate all around the building and also in the roomitself did nothing to clean up after it, also i had many complaints because of the dog barking and your dog even jumped up onone of my residence car ( so do you blame me for asking you to leave) ..You know why you were asked to leave their are alot morereasons that i wont mention so do not make it a one way pity party for yourself ...as far as i am concerned you brought allthis upon yourself ..and we run a quite place and try to accomade all the residence in here ..to me they are like family and youknow with family there is always one black sheep I wish you all the best in the future and hopefully you find peace withinyourself. Read more

Shelene W 5 years ago

Management is very rude and told me that their dog is allowed off the leash because their dog behaves and evicted me because my... 15 month old puppy barked. Absolutely ridiculous how poorly they treated me and my dog. Would never visit their again. Read more

Kurtis Turriff 5 years ago

ATTENTION: THIS IS UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT AND IT WILL LEAVE YOU WITH A BAD EXPERIENCE! I do not ever write reviews but with rude... service I will! Talk about portion control! Holy talk about orders being totally incorrect ! Talk about the smell of naturalgas flowing through the building. We went for breakfast this morning and 2 hours later we are still upset at the experience wehad. The menu is extremely limited. It took a long time to have someone take our order and even after our order was taken theykept coming back to double check details. Our friend ordered a cup of orange juice and received a shot glass full of orangejuice. Cheese was ordered on potatoes and we never got it. Food was cold and undercooked. There was no ketchup , and when weasked for some, it was brought to us in a small McDonald like container and slammed on the table. The lady cooking the food wasextremely rude. She tried to charge us for the cheese and when we told her there was no cheese she argued with us. Thisexperience is the worst I have ever experienced in customer service. They have now lost 6 customers and I predict they willclose very soon. If you want a great dining experience, do not go to the Bayview Inn Restaurant which I believe they are callingMutti's Place. If I could have gave this less then 1 star I would have Read more

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