Reviews for Jimmy John's in Mankato, MN

Bear Stately 1 year ago

Driver took 25 mins to deliver .5 mile away. I called to ask for a refund for 2 of the sandwiches as I had to bring 2 ppl that... ordered home. The guy said they don't do refunds. He said that roads are extremely bad, I told him as I was currently drivingand they aren't bad at all. He said "you shouldn't be on the phone while driving" and hung up on me. EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL Read more

Allejandra Pawlitschek 1 year ago

If you want your order to be accurate, go to the Holly Lane location. I never receive what I order from here, especially when I... pay for extra stuff Read more

Caitriona Griffin 1 year ago

Our bread was burnt and had to be tossed. This is not the first time this has happened at this location.

Andrea Nevermind 1 year ago

They're hit and miss. You have better luck in person than delivery, which is by no means Freaky Fast. Lol Avoid typical busy... times and your quality will improve. #5 Italian, #2 Roast beef, and the chicken Ceasar wrap are my go-to's. If you want meat -better double it. Not much in there... Read more

Aespher Morningstar 1 year ago

I put in the note that I was sick and needed no contact delivery and for the name of who was ordering I put 'You got this (help... I'm sad)'. With covid and so much going on and the world falling apart... Jimmy John's always has your back. I always orderfrom this Jimmy John's, they have always been kind and understanding. This made my day so much better that I cried happy tearsfor the first time in years. Thank you Jimmy John's. Read more

Fang Blade 2 years ago

Slowest delivery I?ve ever had in my life. Your motto is ?Freaky Fast? but it took over an hour to get one sandwich, and I live... only about a mile away. I couldn?t leave work for lunch, and I never did get to eat it because it took well over my lunch breakto get. DO NOT order if you want your sandwich quick, because you won?t get it fast, this happened the last time and I figuredid give it one more shot, and the results are worse. Read more

Nick Lewis 2 years ago

Routinely get turned away by management because they have too many catering orders. Unheard of to turn away someone who is in... the store and wanting one sandwich because they cant manage their time correctly. Read more

A D 2 years ago

I waited two hours for this miserable food. They couldnt even be bothered to give me the right type of chips.