Reviews for Wendy's in Mt Vernon, IL

Ashley Swanson 1 year ago

Worst serve ever!! Screwed out of coupons, money, and more!! Ordered the $5.99 meal coupon and a 4 piece nugget! Paid $20.41 for... 1 fry 1x 4 piece nugget, no sauce, 1 drink. No straws.manager involved and no FIX! Won?t be back!! Read more

Zach Houseworth 1 year ago

Girls an food were both hot. Although they probably thought was being weird sitting in parking. But I was doordashing... waiting or orders Read more

Sonya Reynolds 1 year ago

Ordered through the drive through. Wanted a taco salad lady says we are out of Chili. Really? That's what makes the taco salad.... Ordered a double only mustard, pickle, onion. Hands us part of our order. Looked at burger has cheese. Drive through youngcashier was rude. We waited 20 minutes for a remade sandwich, salad was very skimpy. You got our last $30. Won't be back. If youwant to pay these kids $15 an hour teach them some manners and respect!! Read more

Sara Cantley 1 year ago

This place is absolutely a health code violation. I for one love Wendy's and have been to this location a lot. Not sure if... management changed or what, but all of a sudden, this location is not clean anymore, at all. I pulled my drink lid from the lidholder and saw a black tar like substance inside the lid holder. There are always loads of flies everywhere, caked up ketchupand food leftovers on the chairs, floors and tables. It stinks, bad. There are several leaks coming from the ceilings, theynever clean the windows which have gross fingerprints everywhere. A few months back I went here and found a long hair in mychili. Decided to let it go, came back a few weeks later decided I wouldn't order the chili anymore, and witnessed howdisgusting the inside is. My husband and I decided we will not ever be going back to this Wendy's because of how bad thecleanliness is. Someone needs to do something this is terrible; I miss my Wendy's. Read more

Allison Joseph 1 year ago

This particular Wendy's had friendly staff but problems the staff was unable to fix. There was a ceiling leak so a huge wet spot... developed on the floor by the counter. The soda machine was out of ice. The burger I ordered was cold. The fries wereovercooked. Read more

Brian Curlin 1 year ago

Maybe an off night but I pulled up to the drive thru, on a weekend night no later than 8pm, with one car in front of me. That... car sat there for at least seven minutes. Then they proceeded to finally order. Then I pull up, now thinking things areunclogged, and I was told to wait. Literally 10 minutes pass without any communication. So I yelled into the speaker this wasunacceptable and I'm outta here. Read more

Forrest Middlebrook 1 year ago

The restaurant isn?t clean. It smelled bad on the inside. Our mobile order was mysteriously cancelled. The cashier messed our... in-store orders up as well. The manager tried to rectify the situation, but would not complete the mobile order. We went down toMcDonald?s and the food was great. Read more

Renae Sokola 1 year ago

We ordered a strawberry salad and a classic chicken sandwich combo with a chocolate frosty replacing the pop, take out. Upon... arriving at our hotel and taking out our food to enjoy, there are items missing. No chicken or bacon in the salad (which thedescription clearly states the ingredients) and no fries for the combo. I was going to verify on my rd riot, but they alsodidn?t provide that! I tried to call the store twice and it rang and rang with no answer. Finally a message came on saying noone was available to answer the call. I also used their website to play e the call, so no errors in dialing. A verydisappointing meal after a long day of travel. Read more