Reviews for Fox's Pizza Den in Petal, MS

jennifer Davis 1 year ago

I love eating here.. I have celiac disease and they go out of their way to make sure my gluten free pizza is safe for me to eat

John Thomas 1 year ago

Best place on earth. When I?m looking for a den, this is my go-to spot. And the fact that they have pizza?just takes it to... another level. Read more

H W 1 year ago

Spent 70 bucks here on One 16 inch pizza, a bambino pizza, a small pizza, a small 16 piece cheese bread, and three drinks and... for 70 dollars you expect good food. That's not what I got. Steak rancher pizza lacked much sauce though toppings werebountiful so I will give them that, we had to send back the small cheese pizza half the pizza was airbubble with no cheese andthey still brought it out to us like this there's absolutely no way they didn't see it second pizza was better but one of theslices was still all air bubble, cheese sticks were mostly bread sticks with a cheese stick occasionally tossed in, bambinopizza was made well, the 13 inch hoagie was good, the staff was friendly, restaurant clean and kid friendly they have a icecream section I didn't try that. You can dine in which I liked. The tomato sauce on the pizzas was more of a paste like baseso it tasted like the pizza base you would get off the shelf at Walmart which isn't my favorite I prefer thinner and sweeter sothat's a more personal preference. That being said I won't be going back food just wasn't worth the price to me. I like mycheese sticks to have cheese and my pizza to be an actual pizza and not just bread sticks with marinara coating it Read more

Betty Kennedy 1 year ago

Food was good but our order came out 1 thing at a time.

rebecca bates 1 year ago

I do not recommend the BBQ pork pizza had to throw it away the pork was soured and also tasted freezer burnt. Giving them... another chance and ordered a BLT no lettuce/no cheese had alot of bacon pieces with a few pieces of tomato thrown in. Wings areok only one tasted freezer burnt. Need better management and food regulations. Read more

Punk 11 1 year ago

They had there website down for at home orders and were so nice about it. We waited there for our pizza and they asked us if we... wanted it free but we decided to pay for it. They even gave us free drinks while we waited. The food is good and so is thestaff! 10/10 RECOMMENDED!! Read more

OkamiTheSacredBeast 1 year ago

Great food and friendly service. How ever i am very sad that they got rid of thier buffet but oh well. Still good food

H 2 years ago

Petal Fox?s Pizza Den Is AMAZING! We Haven?t Had ?Real? Pizza In a Hot Minute & We?re Super Excited! They Did Not Disappoint!!... We Ordered XL Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza With Breadsticks. The Food Was Amazing And The Customer Service Was Phenomenal!!Even Though The Cashier Was Under Stress, The Second I Mentioned It Was Our First Time They Provided a Menu, Coupons andAssistance Ordering. While I Waited For Our Order I Observed The Staff Conversation And Moral. It Was Awesome. I?m Truly ExcitedTo Stay In Petal and Have Found Our New Pizza Place!? Read more