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Pizza Hut in Rosemead, CA, is a popular American restaurant that has earned an average rating of 3.3 stars. Learn more by reading what others have to say about Pizza Hut. Today, Pizza Hut is open from 10:00 AM to 11:59 PM. Whether you’re curious about how busy the restaurant is or want to reserve a table, call ahead at (626) 307-5533.

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Pizza Hut includes glutenfree dietary options.

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Justine Goldbas 1 year ago

I order pizza weekly and always end up with Deanna she is an amazing delivery driver for pizza hut and always has a smile on her... face and really cares about her customers I haven't seen her this week yet anyways great service Read more

Y. ?Megawatt951? R. 1 year ago

My rating is based on the price vs. quantity of this establishment. The pizza itself was mediocre at best. So I called in a... carryout order around noon and ordered a medium 2 topping pizza thinking it was going to be around $10 to $11 with tax. WRONG!So the upsetting part was that the young lady who took my order didn't bother to tell me how much it t was going to be...(Tactic) she just said " oh, it's gonna be about 15 minutes" ok so I walk over on my lunch break and go inside at which time shetells me that it was going to be $16.84! I was a shocked! They got me. I would have gone somewhere else at that point. But neveragain. Not only will I never go to that particular Pizza Hut, but I will not go to pizza hut ever again! The young lady didn'tbother to tell me that it would have been cheaper if I had ordered 2 medium 1- topping pizzas! $6.99 each! Wow! What a perfectexample of what is wrong with this county. I understand it's a business and they have to pay employees, overhead, and bills sodon't expect anything to change, infact I don't think the owners even care, they made their money. That's what I get for tryinga different pizza franchise. I'll just stick to Dominos. Thanks for nothing Pizza hut. Read more

Eric Munoz 1 year ago

It occurred to me that I haven't had Pizza Hut in a long time so I paid them a visit. The staff was friendly and busy cranking... pizzas out. The food was great as usual. Read more

Jose Herrera 1 year ago

Coming from work hungry got off the ten freeway my kid calls me. Get some Pizza Hut stuff crust. Pull up order two. 35 and... change. Guy at the desk said I should have gone to McDonald?s cause I said I was starving. Ok what ever 15 minutes ok. Well no Isaw it was 25 going on the half. Then he says your still here? Then he tells me one of my pizzas is ready but the other one isthere. Then he comes back and tells there?s none. Says I?m sorry. So now 40 minutes. I just asked for my money back. Now I?mwondering if they even returned my money. Terrible just terrible. Read more

Joseph Lam 2 years ago

This is my local hut. Pizza comes out consistently. The taste taste the same. And is clean. Employees notice you waiting in the... lobby and are helpful. There isn't an area where you can sit down and eat so it's majority takeaway or delivery which is fine. Ithink the sit down pizza hut's are dying out anyway. If ordering online the pizza is finished under 20 mins so you can order andhop in the whip and head on over. Prices are average. Read more

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Does Pizza Hut Leamington offer desserts?

Yes, Pizza Hut Leamington has dessert, view their dessert menu on Sirved.

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Monday: 10:00 AM - 11:59 PM

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