Reviews for Casey's in Spencer, IN

Brenda Kaye 1 year ago

I always enjoy the energy here. The staff is helpful and will offer a pizza if it's during the right hours.

Brittany M. 1 year ago

I came into the station one morning a few years ago when I was 26. A guy was ahead of me in line. I watched him buy lottery... tickets & the manager who was running the register DID NOT even ask him for his ID! I went next in line but when I tried to buya lottery ticket, the SAME manager asked for my ID. I showed it to her but she wouldn?t accept it because it was expired. Iunderstand I needed a valid ID but it was entirely unfair for her to let that guy buy tickets WITHOUT EVEN SHOWING AN ID but notme. It was such a negative experience for me, I haven?t set foot in there since. I know it's silly but I have social anxiety anddid not wanna have to deal with that. There were times before when I?d go to the store but they?d have a truck dropping offsupplies at the front entrance taking up several parking spaces & had a conveyor belt blocking one side of the door. I?d have toeither walk around or wait for them to move it. Super inconvenient! Read more

Caitlyn Donovan 1 year ago

Ordered a pizza online, when i opened the box at home it was so raw it was stuck to the box. Who ever boxed this pizza up knew... exactly what they were doing. I asked a manager for a refund since it was inedible and one large pizza can run around $20. Themanager was very nice and gave me a full refund, she is the only reason this isn't a one star review. Will never get pizza hereagain. Read more

Me None 2 years ago

Won't be back . Gone down hill . Trash runs over .people can't get off stools to help . They treat u like your a inconvenience

payton heist 2 years ago

Stopped there to get air because my tire was super low and cone to find out they ate now to cheap to give free air. I forgot my... wallet at home so I was SOL. Plus there gas is poor grade Read more

Ashley 2 years ago

Brought my merchandise to the register and the girl working (who was sitting in the office on her phone) rolled her eyes when... she had to get up to help me. She acted as if I was bothering her. She rudely asked, "anything else?" (while continuing to rollher eyes). I said no, finished buying my merchandise and left. I don't think it's too much to ask to do your job! And if youdon't like being in the customer service industry, get another job! Read more

Eva Setters 2 years ago

Wanted to get pizza quick today, I never get mad and try really hard to be kind to everyone but the woman at the pizza station... wanted to go on break was mad because I was buying all the slices because she would have to remake them before she could take abrea, she huffed and rolled her eyes so I commented on it she told me I could leave and not come back. So I will never go toCasey's in spencer again. Read more

Heather Moore 5 years ago

I love Casey's but I wont be back to this one. Nothing was ready, trash cans are full, and then a semi was blocking the entire... front of the location unloading with roller bars and a latter blocking the door for people to come in. When I told the girlsthat this wasnt a good idea they smartly said "it actually works great"... This was the worst Casey's I've ever been to... or atleast the worst experience. I hope they step up their customer service and get it together... Read more