Reviews for Ziggy's Frozen Yogurt in Taos, NM

Mirroring Ourselves 4 years ago

Im sad I didn't get his name, but an employee asked if my service dog wanted some water because she was panting so much. We had... just came from a park and so I give him props for being concerned for her. The building isn't cold like you would think which isnice. Because eating something cold and being in a cold room would be freezing! The frozen yogurt is really good and I like allthe topping varieties! It's a really nice place and I reccomend it greatly. Read more

Kelly McNutt 5 years ago

Clean, great music. Worker paid more attention to his friends hanging out and sitting in the window by the broken refrigerator... than being attentive to customers. Had to wait for hot fudge container to be finished cleaning. Then it squirted water into myfriends yogurt instead of fudge. He was chatting with friends instead of attending to it. Read more

Jess Saint Stevan 5 years ago

Best frozen yogurt. They switch out there flavors every so often so there is always a new flavor to try. They also have dairy... free frozen yogurt, and you can pick out you own topping. Every one is nice and friendly. Defiantly would recommend stoppinghere if your a local or just passing by. Read more

Kit Potter 5 years ago

Fun place with lots of choices. In fact, you pretty much choose all aspects of your dessert. They even have almond "ice cream"... for those of us who must avoid dairy! Their toppings are the most varied I have seen anywhere. Definitely my choice of a stop. Ican even choose to have a couple of tablespoons of icecream if I want! Read more

Jennifer S. 5 years ago

I give them two stars because their topping selection is decent and there are generally a good variety of flavors. However, the... issue I have is that when you grovel at the front desk for a sample cup, you aren't even allowed to fill it yourself! So, myhusband asked for a sample cup a few days ago, and the young girl working the register proceeded to stick her fingers all upinside of it before filling it with the yogurt he requested. Look, it's one thing to require people to ask for sample cups, butit's really frustrating to be treated like a criminal by someone who apparently also doesn't understand how to be sanitary inthe food service industry. It seems really petty to me. Read more

Leanne Arvila 6 years ago

I initially liked this place so much that I bought my mother in law a gift certificate (which took a ridiculously long time so... that my frozen yogurt turned into soup). Then when she tells me she went to redeem it, they took up 45 minutes of her time andmade her call the manager because she had $25 and wanted $10 worth. They insisted she would have to forfeit the remaining $15 ofher gift unless she used it all at once. After a lot of aggravation and them saying it was their policy (which was nevermentioned, I was given a sealed envelope with a certificate in it. They claim this policy is on the certificate) and that theydiscourage people from getting certificates in that high of an amount (nothing was mentioned) my mother in law got some newcertificates for the remaining $15. What an embarrassment to give a gift card hoping for your loved one to enjoy a treat and youhear this from them and how stressful it was. Neither of us will be back and will not recommend to anyone. Quality has gone downas well, yogurt tastes sour and is often not very well frozen. They had a 5 star review from us and have lost it, they were goodwhen they opened but it's gone downhill drastically. Read more

Carolyn Hinske 6 years ago

Friendly staff greeting upon entering. Yummy choices of froyo and a sorbet! The owner, Steve, was crazy helpful to an elderly... lady who was a first timer. I've been coming since the opening and love that some of the flavors change. It's a great bargainfor the taste! Read more

Brina Stow 7 years ago

Very good! Definitely the kind of place Taos needed!! Just went there for the first time on Tuesday and I absolutely loved it,... and have gone in every day since :) Ziggy's is a fun, energetic place that welcomes everyone. The froyo on top if that isdelicious and there's a great selection of toppings to choose from. Read more