Reviews for Prep & Pastry in Tucson, AZ

Ashley 1 year ago

Delicious and the staff was on top of it. The coffee alone is good but the prickly pear tea hit the spot this chilly morning.... The steak and egg sandwich was amazing and my husband really enjoyed the sweet potato hash. Read more

Lee Ann Robinson 1 year ago

Amazing staff. We loved everything about the place. Emily, the manager, is a delight to work with. She made our baby shower feel... amazing. Her staff was great. Thank you for all you do!! Read more

GT Bird 1 year ago

I've never had an average meal here, always top notch. Service is always good with a knowledgeable waiter/waitress staff. Prices... are expected for the quality of the food. We had the omelette with rosemary potatoes on the side as well as the biscuits andgravy with chicken and both were amazing as always. They have a very diverse selection of food and drinks. If you're in the moodfor something different from your typical breakfast place then Prep and Pastry is your place. Read more

Andrew James Porter 1 year ago

I frequently go to Prep & Pastry with my spouse and this was the first time I felt like I needed to share a review. Great food... as always, but the place is looking run down. From the bench seats with extensive wear and tear to the chair that I sat in thatnearly fell apart when I grabbed the back rest. The plants throughout the area look unwatered and lifeless. The water that theyserve tastes awful as if the filtration hasn?t been serviced or the glassware is dirty and contaminating the water further. Itseems there is a severe lack of attention to detail aside from the food. There was hair rolled up in my silverware, but luckilythe service is willing to correct things quickly. Hope there are some improvements soon. Read more

Ruthie Elizabeth 2 years ago

decent spot for lunch. really nice service and the food didn?t feel like a brick in your stomach. the drip coffee was... excellent. portions were small, but the ingredients seemed fresh. lots of gluten free and vego options and the server was kindenough to work with us on substitutions. Read more

Luke Swartz 2 years ago

Delicious breakfast/brunch/lunch place with fresh ingredients and options for people with dietary restrictions. Several of us... loved the duck confit, which came with potatoes bursting with flavor along with greens, goat cheese, a little bit of cookedcherries, and all topped with on over-easy egg. Also had a nice kids menu. Read more

Brian Hollingsworth 2 years ago

Service - The service during my visits at Prep and Pastry on Grant has always been attentive and quick. The waits aren't too... long. They have a wait list you can get on. If you have to wait it usually isn't too long. If I'm not mistaken you can call tomake a reservation also. Food I've had: Chicken and Waffle - This was a really tasty dish. The waffle was crispy anddelicious. On the side there was a blueberry compote which was perfectly sweet. The chicken tender batter was seasoned, crispy,and the chicken was juicy. Duck Breast Confirm with scrambled eggs and potatoes - This was a unique dish. My only complaints isthat more duck would have been nice. Less potatoes as there were a few leftover. They're big potatoes. I wish there was more ofthat brown sauce! It was creamy and delicious. Pork Belly Poutine with scrambled eggs - I recently had this one. I never hadpoutine before but it was awesome. There was plenty of pork belly and I was able to get scrambled eggs instead of poached eggs.This is my new favorite and I hope it's here to stay for a while. (Pictured) Nitro Cold Brew - The cold brew was verydelicious. The flavor is definitely strong but not too strong. I added cream and sugar as it comes black. I'll get cold breweach visit instead of regular coffee now. It's that good. Read more

M R 2 years ago

This place is the best in the Tucson area. Food doesn't need extra condiments because the taste is awesome! Staff is friendly.... Service was good but they appear to be understaffed so service lacked just a little. The place I visited is on Grant, it is nextto a burger joint, and near Target. Mmm. Yummy ???? Read more