Reviews for Mariscos El Navegante in Watsonville, CA

b3t10 ?Beto? 1 year ago

Really good aguachiles recommend it

?l ?-? - 2 years ago

Food had no flavor and the paloma was the worst one I’ve had in 23 years. If i could give it 0 stars i would.

Jose Cuiriz 2 years ago

Today was the 3rd or 4th time that I have eaten at this restaurant. I am not going to lie, but the first and second time that I... went here, it felt to me like the services needed improvement. Today I am pleased to say that it has gotten to better, in myopinion, therefore I am giving this restaurant 5 stars. Food, drinks, and services are great. Will be coming in more often. Read more

Gavin Markovics 2 years ago

Amazing food! I saw some mixed reviews but we had a great experience the empanadas were excellent the seafood burrito was so... delicious. There is so much good Mexican food around but this place is worth adding to your lineup! The service was excellenttoo! Read more

tony martin 2 years ago

Great time, Friday night music, delicious aguachiles

Martin Rios-Cardenas 2 years ago

Huh? What is this? You just served me something I wouldn't even feed my dog. This sushi roll presentation was terrible. If you... bother with selling sushi, you should try making the roll more appealing. God damn! Nothing impressive from this seafood place(or fuchipoopoo place). All these new restaurants need to learn how to cook before opening. Read more

Karla A 2 years ago

Worst soup I have ever tried. We got a 7 mares and ramen soup, the soup consistency was thick. Even on the 7 mares that didn’t... have the noodles. Overall taste was poor. The sushi was ok. Definitely not going back and don’t recommend this place. Read more

Jose Jimenez 2 years ago

Tried it once. I'm hoping the cook was rushing to get food out because his shift was ending because it definitely wasn't that... they were swamped with customers. Undercooked and underseasoned seafood. Items were not as described on the menu. Just a prettybad meal overall. Fingers crossed that we don't get food poisoning with what little we ate. Might try them again but not anytime soon. Definitely room for improvement. Read more