If you live in Nova Scotia, you’re fully aware of how cold it can get during the winter months (we’re talking negative degrees Celsius sometimes for weeks at a time). There are bound to be days and nights during the long, hard winters when you’d give anything for some hot, cheesy pizza. Thankfully, there are several amazing pizza places in Nova Scotia that are just waiting for you to call or visit.

Below is a list of five popular pizza parlors in Nova Scotia that we’ve selected to spotlight because of their exceptional pizza offerings, fast and friendly service, and more. Keep reading so the next time you’re cold and craving some hot pizza, you know just where to go.

1. Hubley Pizza, Hubley, Nova Scotia

If you enjoy pizza made of dough that was hand-tossed and baked in a big, stone, classic oven, then you’re going to love family-owned and operated Hubley Pizza in Hubley, NS. Pizza connoisseurs swear they can tell the difference between pizza that’s been baked in a stone or brick oven versus a convection oven (it impacts the flavor and crispiness of the crust), and maybe you can too. If so, definitely drop by Hubley.

And if you’re in the mood for something else – like fried chicken, taters, homemade coleslaw, or even Canadian-favorite donairs – Hubley serves that too. In fact, if you’re feeling extra daring, consider trying the donair pizza, donair egg rolls, donair poutine, or donair burger – I know I’m planning to! Reviewers rave about them, in addition to how friendly all the staff is. So get going and give Hubley a try!

Find Hubley Pizza’s menu in Hubley, Nova Scotia here.


2. Nayya Pizza and Grill, Bedford, Nova Scotia  

There are certainly different levels of pizza, and Nayya Pizza and Grill in Bedford, NS serves up what is referred to as homestyle, gourmet, and specialty pizza. It’s definitely not run-of-the-mill. Instead, each pizza is thoughtfully and artfully crafted and baked. Customers simply adore the huge and exotic variety (there’s the Mushroom Gorgonzola, Greek, Hawaiian, La Nuvola Bianca aka White Cloud, vegan Shawarma, Bianco Bacon Spinach, and Arugula Goat Cheese Pesto, to name just a few), but even more so, they love that there are so many vegetarian and vegan pizza options (which isn’t always the case everywhere) on top of many amazing meat-lover choices.

Nayya’s high-quality, “top-notch” pizza is accompanied by a stellar customer service experience (“the staff members are chill and friendly”) and a cozy in-person atmosphere. Of course, take-out is also available on those nights when you want to enjoy your pizza at home. So if you’re in the mood for some outstanding gourmet pizza, make sure to visit Nayya because there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy the entire experience.

Check out Nayya Pizza and Grill’s menu in Bedford, Nova Scotia here.

3. Panada Pizza, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Most folks have a pretty strong preference when it comes to their pizza crust. How about you? If you’re a fan of thick, doughy crust then you’re going to absolutely love Panada Pizza in Halifax, NS. Per one happy customer: “Best soft pillowy crust in the city.” Not only that, but Panada also offers donairs that “put the larger chains and originals to shame!” So if you’re a fan of doughy-crusted pizza and meat-filled donairs, Panada might soon become your go-to pizza place.

While the pizzeria can get busy at times (great pizza creates a stir after all), the owners and staff clearly care about their regulars, providing courteous, quick, and warm customer service. So don’t wait! Sinking your teeth into that doughy crust is gonna be heaven.

View Panada Pizza’s menu in Halifax, Nova Scotia here.


4. Peppery Pizza and Poutine, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia  

Its name says it all. You’re not just going to get delicious pizza from Peppery Pizza and Poutine in Lower Sackville, NS. You’re also going to get the Canadian favorite poutine (otherwise known as french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds, for those who aren’t aware). And, boy, do Peppery’s fans love their pizza and poutine combo. They also rave about the pizza’s crust (thin) and sauce being “so delicious and unique” and “perfection” with toppings that are always “generous and fresh.”

Indeed, customers love the friendly and helpful service at Peppery, including the fast deliveries (the pizza arrives piping hot and tasty). “We’ll never go elsewhere,” they say, and perhaps we’ll say that too after we stop by Peppery for some pizza and poutine one day soon!

Peppery Pizza and Poutine’s menu in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia here.

5. Pizza Girls Katch Seafood, Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia  

Pizza Girls Katch Seafood in Upper Tantallon, NS stands out on this list because it’s more than just a pizzeria. In essence, the restaurant aims to serve a wide variety of delicious, fresh, and healthy food. This includes specialty pizzas, poke bowls, sushi (“best in town”), fish and chips, tacos, and more – many of which can be customized according to your preferences. One customer even says that the restaurant’s fish tacos with their signature sauce is the best meal they’ve ever eaten (wow!) because the ingredients were so incredibly fresh.

Always served with a smile, patrons love the personable staff members and how quick the service is, although things can get busy between phone and in-person orders especially on the weekend (so place your takeout order 30-45 minutes in advance if possible). They also appreciate how affordable all the menu items are. Without a doubt, if you’re striving to eat healthily yet craving pizza on a cold winter night, Pizza Girls Katch Seafood will most surely deliver.

Find Pizza Girls Katch Seafood’s menu in Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia here.