In years past restaurant trends could come and go and it wouldn’t matter nearly as much as it does today. The trends that we see this fall will undoubtedly continue well into 2022 and beyond. What we’re seeing this fall has more to do with helping restaurants stay busy, making money and keeping people safe while doing it.  Here are 5 trends we believe all restaurants will be focusing on this fall.

Online presence is top priority

As restaurants continue to close, reopen or new restaurants open in the face of covid, the restaurant industry still faces tons of uncertainty. The best place to get answers is online. The best place to advertise is online, and the best place to create a buzz around your restaurant is, you guessed it, online. Keeping your restaurant information current and up to date across as many platforms as possible is key to keeping your customers informed.

Sirved leading the pack when it comes to offering restaurants a one-stop place for all your online needs. You can create a 100% free ad on the Sirved platform to help get the word out and create a buzz around weekly or daily specials.  You can also easily manage your restaurant information on Sirved and keep it current on Google and throughout the internet with Google My business integration. We’ve made it very easy for restaurants to upload everything to Sirved and then post it to their Google my business listing which in turn will update it on the internet. Click here to connect your Sirved account to google my business OR click here to claim your listing with Sirved for free.

Remembering Old Classics

Remember 2019? When the world wasn’t dealing with a global pandemic. Those were the days. People everywhere are looking to recapture the joys of days long passed and food is very much part of that nostalgia and connection to those experiences. Although it wasn’t that long ago, people want food and experiences that connect them to what their life was like before covid. So if there was a hit on your menu pre-pandemic that you’re not serving anymore, now is the time to bring it back and maybe find some other old classics to fill your menu with a little extra nostalgia, to let people know the good ol’ days can still be found at your restaurant. To update your menu on Sirved click here OR click here to claim your listing with Sirved for free.

Sanitization takes center stage

Every restaurant should have sanitization and cleanliness at the top of its list when it comes to daily operations. There’s no doubt that it has always been very important and these days sanitization continues to be one of, if not the most important thing your restaurant can do to stay open and successful in the face of covid. Make sure people know about it! Now more than ever it’s important to let everyone know how much cleaning and sanitizing you’re doing. Post signs about masks mandates and encourages handwashing wherever possible.  Keep checklists and schedules of how often you’ve cleaned, so customers know that you’re on it.  Most importantly is hand sanitizers, don’t forget to put hand sanitizers everywhere. The more people know about your sanitization efforts the more comfortable your customers will feel while dining in or out of your restaurant.

Plant-Based Options will be requested more and more

In an effort to stay healthier and make more conscious choices, people are reducing meat consumption to try and go with a more plant-based diet. Make no mistake about it, this trend is growing every day thanks to Millenials who understand the impact that meat has on the environment. They care about how animals are treated and are convincing others to do the same. Combine this with growing evidence that a mostly plant-based diet is a healthier option for older people too and you get a trend that’s here to stay. A lot of restaurants are starting to realize this and are updating their menus to add a few vegan and plant-based options, and we suggest your restaurant should do the same. To update your menu on Sirved click here OR click here to claim your listing with Sirved for free.

Touchless/Non-Contact Service

Non-contact has been a trend since the pandemic started and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. As we continue to navigate the rough waters of covid in late 2021, non-contact everything will be more popular than ever. Most restaurants already have some sort of non-contact option for their menus along with contact tracing when signing into a restaurant, but for those that don’t, nows the time to get on board. If you already have plans in place, that’s great, but do your research as it’s worth looking around for cheaper/free options to accomplish the same things you already have. With so many restaurants needing help these days Sirved has come up with a wide array of tools to offers all restaurants. One of which is free non-contact options in the form of QR codes that can be downloaded and printed out to put on windows and tables at your restaurant. Guests are also asked to fill out a form for contact tracing and then will be brought right to your menu on the Sirved website or app where they can find their food.  Click here to access our free non-contact QR codes  OR  click here to claim your listing with Sirved for free.