Why advertise with Sirved? The answer is simple, your target audience is all of our users… and we have a lot.

Here are a few other reasons, just in case you need more convincing:

Custom Ad Quotes for Your Budget

There’s no need to spend time figuring out demographics and narrowing down who to advertise to.  Sirved has you covered, literally.  We provide a custom quote that is designed specifically for your needs.  With our custom quote tool, you choose the cost.  The price is based on how many users you want to target in a radius around your restaurant, so how much coverage you want is up to you.

Your Audience, Your Ad

With millions of users a year, we have thousands of people every day using Sirved to find restaurant menus, view photos and read reviews.  They’re already looking for somewhere to eat, so why not stand out from the crowd with an ad that grabs their attention.  Your restaurant and menu will be exposed to hundreds of thousands of users who are looking for a new restaurant just like yours.  If location is everything, then an ad on Sirved is like being downtown in the best spot with a big bright neon sign, saying HERE WE ARE!

Control Your Ad

Creating your ad is as easy as pie, we make the ad for you!  Just provide us with promotional messaging and we’ll do the rest. Once you’ve approved the ad, you can change it anytime you like in our easy to use portal.  Change it once a week for weekly specials, or change it every day for daily specials.  Changes to your ad are unlimited, so you can stay on top of things or let it ride.

Your ad will also include access to our restaurant portal where you can view analytics to see how well your ad is doing in real-time. And as a BONUS, we will take your menu and plaster it all over the internet so that no matter where possible customers are looking online, they will find your menu and information with ease.