Big 3 is a regular Sirved feature where we spotlight a trio of restaurants, bars, or anything else that goes better in threes!  Tell us if you know something we should check out. 

If you get bored easily and the traditional restaurants are not as exciting for you:

Mysteriously Yours

This restaurant launched in 1987 in Toronto, Mysteriously Yours Inc. is a commercial theatre company dedicated to producing and presenting the best interactive murder mysteries. All shows are detailed, solvable mysteries based on familiar themes with lots of comedy and audience participation. The dining room full of audience members is the set and the performance is interactive.  At the end, the audience gets to guess who the murderer is, and prizes are given out.

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Chill Ice House

Everything inside the Chill Ice House is made of ice—from the chairs to the curtains. The temperature is always set at -5 degrees Celsius and courtesy parkas and gloves are provided at the door.  The lounge also features brilliant ice sculptures and a heated speakeasy in the back complete with hot drinks for those who can’t bear the cold.

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O. Noir

O.Noir is one of two locations in Canada (the other is in Montreal) where the guest dines in a pitch-black room, served by an entirely blind wait staff.  Guests at O.Noir are able to review the menu before entering a two hour dining experience in the dark that is supposed to heighten the senses, as well as give a new perspective on what it would be like to live with visual impairment.

Check out the food menu.

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