If you’re looking for a great coffee spot while visiting Prince Edward Island, you’ll want to check out one of the many cafes that dot the landscape. From quaint little independent stores to popular chains, there’s something for everyone when it comes to cafes on this beautiful island. Sandwiches are a popular choice for lunch at many of these cafes, and you’ll find a wide variety of lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos. So whether you’re looking for a quick caffeine fix or a leisurely place to enjoy some conversation with friends, you’re sure to find the perfect cafe on Prince Edward Island.

Below are five of our favorite PEI cafes (listed in no particular order).

Blue Mussel Cafe
North Rustico, Prince Edward Island

When you think of a cafe, you think of coffee… but when you think of PEI, you think of seafood, right? Well, therein lies Blue Mussel Cafe of North Rustico, a cafe that is more a seafood restaurant than a coffeehouse. But its loyal customers certainly aren’t complaining! After all, they’re simply in love with Blue Mussel’s lobster dip, oysters (“freshest I’ve ever had”), beer and lime mussels (“delicious”), seafood bake, freshly caught halibut, pan-fried haddock, seafood chowder, and more.

The restaurant also serves up amazing vegan Wellington, cheesecake, chocolate potato cake, and poutine chowder, all beautifully presented. All in all, if you’re in the mood to visit a “lovely” little cafe on the water with friendly and fast service and absolutely delicious seafood, Blue Mussel Cafe is going to satisfy you 110%!

Check out Blue Mussel Cafe’s menu in North Rustico, Prince Edward Island here.

seafood chowder

By The River Bakery & Cafe
Hunter River, Prince Edward Island

By The River Bakery & Cafe in Hunter River might be more along the lines of the traditional breakfast, bakery, and coffee place that comes to mind when you think of a cafe. Its all-day breakfast menu delights diners, who also enjoy a picturesque view while they eat on the outside patio. Locals and tourists alike also appreciate the eatery’s affordable prices, quaint decor, and “super nice” staff.

All of the restaurant’s food is made from the freshest ingredients and prepared onsite. Customer favorites include the blueberry pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, haddock and chips (“super tasty”), roast beef sandwiches on homemade bread, bacon (“amazing”), cookies, and free kids ice cream. We urge you to check out By The River Bakery & Cafe the next time you’re in the area; trust us, you’ll be wowed by this “little gem.”

Find By The River Bakery & Cafe’s menu in Hunter River, Prince Edward Island here.

The Dunes Studio Gallery & Cafe
Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island

The Dunes Studio Gallery & Cafe in Brackley Beach is truly unique. Why? Not only does it offer amazing food, but there’s also a beach, gardens, and art gallery to stroll around either before or after you eat. Talk about the whole package! As you dine, you’ll look out over a spectacular garden view that includes whimsical statues and other decorations. And the food is to die for – beet salads, tofu wraps, award-winning seafood chowder, lobster mac n’ cheese pizza (whaaaaat?!), and more, all beautifully and thoughtfully presented. Diners also praise the servers (“very nice”) and love the large menu variety (“lots of great menu options”).

The gallery showcases “an amazing collection of art,” offering something for everyone (in other words, lots of fun gift shopping!) As one happy reviewer puts it: “This place has it all!” It’s really true, so don’t miss out – the next time you’re in Brackley Beach, make sure to visit The Dunes Studio Gallery & Cafe!

View The Dunes Studio Gallery & Cafe’s menu in Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island here.

beautiful presentation

Samuel’s Coffee House
Summerside, Prince Edward Island

If you’re on the lookout for a cafe that sells drip coffee that is “rich in aroma and taste,” then Samuel’s Coffee House in Summerside will be right up your alley. Outside of its hot, flavorful coffee, Samuel’s breakfast sandwiches are filled with “toasted bread, crispy bacon, egg, ham … delightful layers of texture” that will start your day off just right. And everything is served with a big smile by servers who are attentive and always pleased to chat.

The cafe prides itself on using local, fresh ingredients in all of its meals. And its ambiance is warm and cozy, which pairs perfectly with a warm drink in your hand (maybe a holiday nogger latte or a maple pecan blondie) as you overlook Summerside’s downtown area. Samuel’s Coffee House is the perfect cafe to visit if you want to feel relaxed and welcomed – hope to see you there sometime soon!

Explore Samuel’s Coffee House’s menu in Summerside, Prince Edward Island here.

Tyne Valley Teas Cafe
Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island

Just like its name implies, Tyne Valley Teas Cafe in Tyne Valley offers a huge selection of “fresh and lovely” teas and coffees. Plus, you can always score a delicious breakfast and tasty desserts at this cafe too. And the hospitality of the owners and employees is reputed to be simply out of this world. Located in a cozy little village house with lots of crafts on display by local artisans, you’ll instantly feel right at home. So the next time you want to relax with your friends over a nice cup of tea and some scones, drive on over to Tyne Valley Teas Cafe and settle on in!

Find Tyne Valley Teas Cafe’s menu in Tyne Valley, Prince Edward Island here.