Celebrate Independence Day this year through our love of American food! Order these American classics to show your spirit and help support local American restaurants this 4th of July.

1. Apple Pie

It’s as American as, well, Apple Pie.  This classic American dessert is beloved, ordered, made and eaten clear across the country on a daily basis. Find Apple Pie near you.

2. Hamburger

The Hamburger is the most common and loved food in the US.  It can be found everywhere, in high-end restaurants, drive-ins, diners, fast food joints or just on the bbq at home.  Every single American will have a different opinion on where to find the best burger, and that’s ok, because we want to try them all!  Find burgers near you.

3. Clam Chowder

You can’t go anywhere on the east coast without trying Clam Chowder especially Boston. Sometimes referred to as “New England Clam Chowder” this fragrant soup is sold all over in the USA but was born in New England. This delicious and hearty bowl of goodness claims the title of “most American food you put in a bowl.” Find Clam Chowder near you.


4. Deep Dish Pizza

Everyone loves Pizza! But this Pizza is more like a pie than a traditional pizza.  The dish is deep, as the name suggests, which helps the crust rise high so that it can hold all the cheesy goodness and tomato sauce it truly deserves.  It originates from Chicago but has become a countrywide staple in the pizza biz. Find Deep Dish Pizza near you.

5. Hot Dogs

Last but definitely not least is the All-American Hot Dog. Just like its close relative the Hamburger, it can be found pretty much everywhere in the United States and in many shapes, sizes and flavours.  It can be found in restaurants, street corners and home BBQs but it’s most commonly found at the ballpark under the monicker “Ballpark Frank.” There are many names for “the dog” but our favourite is the “Detroit style Coney Island Dog.” Find Hot Dogs near you.