What do you think of when someone mentions BBQ? Ribs slathered in sauce? Chicken wrapped in sizzling bacon? Kebabs on the grill? Sausages? Lamb? Baked beans, coleslaw, or potato salad on the side? With so many regional variations, the word BBQ can conjure up lots of varying images for different individuals, but the one commonality is that it is cooked using fire and smoke. And, boy, does this cooking method make meat and veggies taste exceptionally delicious!

The good news is that if you live in or around Quebec (or plan to visit), there are several excellent BBQ places in the area that can satisfy this hankering. Read on for a list of our top five favorites, and then get ready to go check them all out.

  1. Chez Biceps BBQ, Quebec, Canada

Reputed to be one of the first BBQ restaurants in Quebec (if not the first), Chez Biceps BBQ is known to offer a “5-star experience” and the “best brisket and ribs in town.” People can’t say enough about the quality and taste of the food, raving that “it blew their mind,” tasted very “refined and balanced,” and was served “packed with flavor” as the tender meat slid right off the bones. Diners are also struck by how great the ambiance is at Chez and how nicely the waitstaff treats both locals and tourists alike. While it can be a challenge to get a reservation at times (the place is in high demand given its exceptional food, service, and atmosphere), it’s worth the wait. The cocktails, wine list, and desserts (including lemon cake and creme brulee) are all fantastic, and if you go on your birthday, you may very well end up being presented with a shot and some bacon! Sounds like the ideal birthday celebration to me!

Check out Chez Biceps BBQ’s menu in Quebec, Canada here.

  1. Sakura BBQ Coréen, Quebec, Canada

If you’re in the mood to branch out and try something new, Sakura BBQ Coreen is a great choice. Specializing in Korean BBQ, patrons love their pickled radish, banchan, calamari, and red bean sesame balls. They also enjoy the marinated meat that the eatery serves up. Sakura doesn’t shy away from offering exotic fare too like pizza sushi (not a combo that automatically comes to mind per se, but it works!) Customers appreciate the big menu selection, nicely decorated restaurant interior, relaxing ambiance (including the music), and friendly service. So if Korean BBQ is your thing, you definitely won’t want to miss out on the only restaurant of this kind in Quebec – Sakura BBQ Coreen!

Find Sakura BBQ Coréen’s menu in Quebec, Canada here.

  1. La Chope Gobeline, Quebec, Canada

“If you like meat, this is your place,” says one reviewer about La Chope Gobeline. With a medieval/fantasy-type atmosphere that patrons find both charming and quirky, this restaurant (aka tavern) serves up “meat mountains” (yes – huge portions) and excellent, in-character customer service while you listen to live oboe music played by a minstrel. Interesting, right? Outside of all the meat and BBQ dishes, diners also profusely praise the pizza and drinks. Plus, you can choose to enjoy your meal along with a “barrel of ale” (literally a barrel of beer with a spigot)! La Chope Gobeline is definitely a must-visit (I especially think so after reading that you’re encouraged to stomp loudly to get your waiter’s attention – now that sounds like such a rowdy, fun experience!)

View La Chope Gobeline’s menu in Quebec, Canada here.

  1. Côtes à Côtes Resto-Grill, Quebec City, Canada

Meat eaters rejoice! Côtes à Côtes Resto-Grill of Quebec City is a meat lovers paradise. A great restaurant to visit with a big group of friends (they serve multiple two-people dishes), Côtes is especially known for its signature ribs, although customers also adore their filet mignon, bison, and fish pogos. The food is made of fresh, high-quality ingredients, and there’s a huge menu selection with lots of diverse options. Beyond that, the historic restaurant (built in 1683) offers a cozy ambiance with a fireplace and two beautiful outdoor terraces that are dog-friendly and offer views of the water and town. The servers are bilingual, welcoming, polite, and warm. What more is there to say? Côtes à Côtes Resto-Grill provides a top-notch dining experience to everyone who visits.

Explore Côtes à Côtes Resto-Grill’s menu in Quebec City, Canada here.

  1. Phil Smoked Meat, Quebec, Canada

How does an amazing smoked meat sandwich sound to you? If your mouth is watering, you’ll definitely want to put Phil Smoked Meat on your list of BBQ places to check out. People claim that Phil’s smoked meat is “the best they’ve ever eaten” and so “flavorful and juicy.” They even compare it to the renowned smoked meat served by Schwartz’s Deli and Dunn’s Famous in Montreal – quite the compliment. And you can get that same delicious smoked meat on top of a thin crust pizza loaded with cheese too (wow!) Not only is the food to die for, but the place itself is clean and cozy. The servers are known to be pleasant and the service is quick even when the restaurant is busy. So if smoked meat is your favorite, don’t miss out on Phil Smoked Meat or you’ll regret it!

Find Phil Smoked Meat’s menu in Quebec, Canada here.