You can pretty much find whatever you want in California due to its size and diversity. While this is advantageous in many aspects, it’s especially awesome when it comes to food (for sure! as they say in Cali). If you’re a foodie who loves to try new cuisines, California is a great place to visit or live because there are literally so many different restaurants and foods to check out.

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to highlight Thai food, which typically includes the following in each meal: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and spicy. Keep reading for our top five Thai restaurant recommendations in California (in no particular order).

Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine
Menlo Park, California

There are tons of restaurants you can visit in California (or anywhere) that serve delicious food, right? Right. But what makes Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine in Menlo Park stand out is its incredible attention to detail when it comes to the presentation of its food. Loyal diners say that “every dish is delicately made and beautifully presented,” in addition to tasting “just perfect.” Favorite customer dishes (which both look and taste awesome) include the crab fried rice, fried chicken, calamari, tsunami lobster, vegan fresh rolls, braised short rib, curry, and more.

Patrons also love Farmhouse’s upscale, unique ambiance, helpful and knowledgeable staffers, generous portions, and attractive decor. According to them, when you visit the restaurant you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a temple in Thailand! So if you’re looking for a classy Thai restaurant to surprise your partner with on your next date night or for a special occasion, try Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine – trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Check out Farmhouse Kitchen Thai Cuisine’s menu in Menlo Park, California here.

Thai food

Thai Original BBQ & Restaurant
Los Angeles, California

Thai Original BBQ & Restaurant has been a staple in Los Angeles since 1978; lots of folks remember visiting it when they were a kid. Locals count on the restaurant to serve up consistent, mouthwatering Thai fare with a “tasty backyard chargrilled BBQ flavor.” But despite being around for so many years, Thai Original hasn’t lost its touch and is as great as it’s always been.

Customers praise the BBQ restaurant’s flavorful meat. They also adore its vegetable fried rice, Kai Yang, beef satay BBQ sticks with peanut sauce, Pad Thai, chicken, and chow mein combo. The list goes on and on (and that’s not to mention the eatery’s super friendly staff and nice atmosphere too!) So the next time you’re in LA, check out Thai Original BBQ & Restaurant for some longstanding Thai food excellence!

Find Thai Original BBQ & Restaurant’s menu in Los Angeles, California here.

Thotsakan Thai and Vegetarian Cuisine
San Diego, California

One thing folks love about Thotsakan Thai and Vegetarian Cuisine in San Diego is all of its vegan and mock-meat options (from vegan yellow curry to vegan Pad Thai and so on…) But they also love its non-vegan fare too (the curry is “PHENOMENAL,” and let’s not forget the Pad Thai, crispy duck, sticky rice with mango, tom yum soup, and som tom.) No matter your preference, you’ll leave Thotsakan with a nice full belly of “some of the best Thai food in San Diego.”

The service is fast and friendly, and when you ask for more or less heat (spice), you’ll get exactly what you want. A great place for both vegans and non-vegans to enjoy some amazing Thai fare together; get going to Thotsakan Thai and Vegetarian Cuisine as soon as you can!

View Thotsakan Thai and Vegetarian Cuisine’s menu in San Diego, California here.

ThaiTanic Streetfood
Sausalito, California

“Best Thai food I’ve ever had!” Not a bad endorsement and this is just one of many you’ll find online for ThaiTanic Streetfood in Sausalito. After all, this Thai place has some serious fans. And for good reason: it serves up exceptional (and authentic) Thai fare alongside service with a smile. Diners love the restaurant’s crisp, fresh vegetables, spicy noodles, and savory sauces. And they claim that “ordering the mango sticky rice for dessert might just be the best decision you make all day,” so what are you waiting for? I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to try that mango sticky rice – maybe I’ll see you there!

Explore ThaiTanic Streetfood’s menu in Sausalito, California here.

The Thai Restaurant
Lancaster, California

If you’re looking for a fun place to eat, The Thai Restaurant in Lancaster is a great choice. Its walls are adorned with interesting artwork made by local artists and jazz music frequently plays, both of which contribute to the eatery’s “very chill” ambiance. But let’s not forget about how delicious the food is: fresh, hot, tasty, and served quickly. (Particularly the spring rolls, yellow curry, cream cheese wontons, and so on…) Numerous folks say that it’s their favorite Thai restaurant around and that they go repeatedly (“I’ve been there over 30 times and still love it,” says one – wow!) High praise, that’s for sure. So if you’re in search of a Thai restaurant with a relaxed, cool vibe and amazing food, The Thai Restaurant is right up your alley!

Find The Thai Restaurant’s menu in Lancaster, California here