Reviews for Ledo Pizza in Aberdeen, MD

G.I. G3RMZ 1 year ago

Food portion is huge, big ol' bowl of spaghetti ???? guy forgot meatballs but quickly fixed it. The garlic bread was cold as... well but he fixed it. Overall, I was pleased and stuffed, I'll Def be back Read more

Preven Harris 1 year ago

I went in to order a meat lover's pizza with a group of my coworkers, and i never received my order. All of my coworkers got... their food in a timely manner, but for some reason i didn't get mines. I thought maybe they ran out of meat lovers pizza, andhad to make another one (since my coworker also ordered a meat lovers pizza). 15 more minutes go by. My coworkers are startingto finishing up their food. My coworker goes to see why my food is taking so long. The waitress says they're still working onit. Says it'll be ready in 5 more minutes. 7 minutes go by and our waitress brings out our checks. I receive a check for food ihadn't even received yet! So I canceled my order. Someone forgot to put in my order. Either it was the waitress or thecook...but i blame the waitress for not noticing sooner. She never asked any of us if we wanted refills, and had she done so,maybe she would've realized i hadn't received my order yet. Terrible waitress. As a repeat customer im disappointed. Might notcome back. Read more

Joshua Hoffman 1 year ago

My first time with Mike's hot honey. ...and on pizza no less. Delicious! Ordered for lunch. Thick Cut Pepperoni Pizza Hot Honey... Pepperoni Pizza Chicken Tenders and House Fries Greek Gyro Fantastic! Read more

Roshon Martin 1 year ago

Pizza was delicious?. Lady up front didn?t understand the questions was asking though.. I was asking if the gyro meat was... frozen or on a stick and do they serve just slices. She didn?t understand at all what I was saying. Geesh! They don?t havegarlic to put on pizza? That?s a first ?. Read more

Marcus Lee 2 years ago

Don't be fooled by the 5-Star rating!! I only gave it 5-stars, because I couldn't give it 10! I have lived here for 3.5 years,... and had it for the first time .... Twice in one day .. Today. I was served the first "Vegi" slice for lunch at a companygathering, and convinced the family to try it for dinner!! OUT-FRIKKING-STANDING!!!! Honey-Pep, Pep, and Pep/Sausage. The honeypeperoni is absolutely divine! I ordered an 8 inch, and I must say, it is the perfect way to sample specialty pizza's ... Oh bythe way .. The calzone was crazy good. The crust was flaky and light, but stood up to the meat, sauce and cheese ratio. I mustsay ... I have 3.5 years of wasted visits to your run of the mill pizza spots to make up for. If the manager allows, I'll bemaintaining a running tab! Give it a try, and if you don't like it.... You may want to make your own, because nothing will comeas close to perfection! Read more

Kate D. 2 years ago

Lunch stop on the way to Florida from Vermont. We missed the lunch rush. The pizza was excellent. The bacon was crispy, like we... asked for. We got a large for 3 people. What's in the box is what we are taking with us. Imagine the box filled, and two ofthose pizza's is a large. Absolutely delicious, hit the spot. The place is very clean, and bathrooms are clean. Read more

Joshua Creech 2 years ago

I ordered the football pizza bundle which includes a XL pizza, garlic bread, and some boneless wings. The pizza was good with... the special ledos sauce. Garlic bread was crispy and flavorful. The wings were good for a pizza shop but nothing special. Iwould go here again. Read more

Stephanie Weirich 2 years ago

The large seasoned fries were delish! The pizzas are square and thin crust, which we weren't expecting, but we're amazingly... pleased. All good portions and definitely worth every penny. Clean atmosphere, pleasant workers, and not overly crowded. We'll be back again soon! Read more